10 Ways To Make Group Camping Successful

successful group camping

Camping solo or with your spouse is a beautiful experience. But nothing beats the experience of group camping with friends and, possibly, extended family members. 

Group camping with the right people buys you a luxurious lifetime experience. Now, planning a group camping trip is not as easy as it looks. A lot of planning goes into it. 

But hey! Don’t freak out. Check out these 10 ways to make group camping successful. 

It’ll show you everything you need to know about bringing your family and friends with you into the wood for brand new adventures. 

Let’s dive in. 

Amazing Ways To Make Your Next Camping Successful

#1. Choose Your Characters

It’s not enough to wake up one morning, pack your bags, and hit the road with a random group of people. You’d probably have a terrible group camping experience that way. 

The reason is that the people who make up the group determine how successful the camping experience would be. For starters, choose close friends who are open to having fun outdoors and would be cooperative. 

Creating a group of people who are not scared of initiating things to make the camping trip successful would generally make it successful. 

Also, decide the camping date and venue with them so they’ll clear their schedule for the camping.

#2. A Large Tent Would Do The Trick

While you might want everyone to camp in their different tent, getting a large tent is not bad. It fosters communal living among the group, strengthening the friendship bond.

A large 20-person tent is an excellent way to get the group together under one roof. With so much space, you all can interact with one another without anyone feeling left out.

#3. Decide The Best Campsite

The first thing you want to do when planning a group camping is to decide the ideal Campsite for the group. Perhaps the most challenging part about planning group camping is deciding the location.

Generally, there are three campground options. The first is a private campground, the most expensive option- but it is well-equipped. Some private campground examples include private resorts, RV sites, simple tent pads, etc. 

The other option is the public campground which is cheaper than private campgrounds. Sadly, public campgrounds do not have many thrilling spots for fun. 

The third option is dispersed campgrounds. They are free but pretty basic with no thrilling factor. One thing you should consider when deciding the location is if it’s a spot where the group can engage in several activities.

#4. Break Everyone Into Groups And Assign Tasks

While it’s true that you’re the brain behind the group camping idea, you’ll exhaust yourself by planning and executing the idea alone. Since you’ve chosen your characters, put everyone into groups to make the camping fun. 

Some of the groups you can create are the fun and entertainment crew to plan all the activities in camp and the food crew to prepare the food menu. 

There’s also the food transportation crew to handle shopping and transporting the foodstuff to the campground, the set-up crew to arrange the camp before everyone arrives, etc.

Putting everyone in groups that make them responsible for parts of the camping trip keeps everyone’s interest high.

#5. Design Fun Activities – Gauge Everyone’s Ability

Join the fun and entertainment crew to design the activities and games for the camping trip. Create activities that everyone can engage in and have fun with.  

You can include kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, cycling, swimming, etc., on the list. Just choose a location that makes it easy for the group to engage in these activities.

#6. Create A Fun Food Menu For The Group Camping Trip

Since it’s a group camping, how about switching up the food menu a bit? Create a sumptuous food menu so everyone experiences meals they’ve never eaten before. 

Try out new recipes but mix them with familiar recipes too. Also, figure out the best way to cook for everyone. 

#7. Create A Budget

Now, this is the most crucial part. The key to having fun and enjoying the group camping experience is to create a budget. It’s okay to target a private campground for the camping experience. Honestly, it’s the best option.

But you have to inform the group. Please give them the full breakdown of the budget. 

They’ll understand why you’re charging an amount of money per person in the group. Group camping the luxury way is expensive. So, it would naturally hike the price each person would pay.

#8. Get A Thorough First-Aid Kit

Accidents could occur while kayaking, hiking, or engaging in camp activities. People could sustain injuries. 

There should be a relevant first aid kit to tend to accidents when that happens. Your first aid kit should contain Band-Aids, aspirin, cold packs Epi-pen or Benadryl, and other first-aid essentials.

#9. Plan For Alone Time

As much as it’s group camping and everyone would sleep in a large tent, give room for people to have alone time. Allow them to do their solo thing when they feel like it.

For instance, if anyone wants to stroll or sleep in a hammock that’s a few miles away from the big tent for privacy and alone time, allow them. 

If some people in the group want to do an activity together, let them have fun. Don’t police people. 

#10. Ground Rules Come In Handy

You’re all adults, so the ground rules shouldn’t be too serious. They could be as simple as cleaning up after yourself, using the dust-bin, don’t mess up the bathrooms, staying off the phone and social media for a stipulated period, etc., just basic rules to help people comport themselves on the campground.


With all these out of the way, the group should start preparing to camp. You’re better off including everyone in the group camping plan. 

That way, everyone in the group would have it at the back of their mind and consciously plan toward it. Remember, the goal of group camping is to unwind, relax and have fun.

With these 10 ways to make group camping successful, I believe you’ll do a fantastic job planning and executing your group camping.

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