staying dry while camping

5 Tips For Staying Dry While Camping

Camping is the ultimate outdoor experience. It tests your endurance and durability such as staying dry while camping. This adventure often relies on you being prepared for whatever might come your way.

One of these problems that you would usually encounter when scaling a mountain or just enjoying the night in a field is that it gets cold and wet.

Pushing on without having the proper knowledge on how to take care of this problem will result in you getting damped clothes, sleeping in a wet and cold tent and most likely, illnesses that would deter you from having an enjoyable experience. This is a list of tips for staying dry while camping in the rain.

Staying Dry While Camping

A Dry Tent

Keeping your tent dry is one of the ultimate rules that campers should follow. This ensures that you do not sleep in a puddle of water during your sleep. Keeping your water and other soaked items outside of your tent would ensure that your tent will not be soiled. This list has the best family tents if you’re planning to buy one!

Putting your wet towels in your tent will bring unworldly odors and a very unpleasant feeling during your sleep. You should also bring a few more towels when you are camping in the rain. This ensures that you would have something to use when your tent is soaked.

Not A Cotton Clothing

If you are new to camping and would like to give it a try, then here is a tip for you, never wear cotton clothing, ditch them all. Camping is not something that you can simply shrug off, being unprepared during a camping trip results in serious consequences that might even cost your life.

Cotton clothing soaks up sweat and water very quickly, and cotton loses its insulation when it is wet. When you are camping in the rain while wearing a cotton shirt, you will wake up with either a mild cold or worse, hypothermia.

An Elevated Bed

Although this is not as important as when you are camping in the rain, this helps a whole lot. Climbing the mountain, you will come across grasses that are still filled with dew and moisture.

The effects of these will be apparent when the night starts. The ground where you will set up your tent will still have moist and wet properties. This means that you are going to experience moist seeping through your floor. Having an elevated sleeping area will save you from that and make sure you are dry during your sleep.

A Tarp

This should be another addition that you must buy when you are camping in the rain. Tarps are very versatile tools that campers can use for so many things. They are sturdy enough to pass as a hammock. But most importantly they are more reliable than your standard tent.

Placing a tarp over your tent will act as a reinforcement that will keep your tent from taking the full wrath of the rain. This also stands as an umbrella for your common grounds where you can eat food or whatnot.

A Plastic Bag

When you are having problems keeping your bag dry, buying garbage bags will be the best and cheapest way to solve it. Covering your bag in plastic and the contents will give it an extra coating of protection from the water. They are also amazing at organizing your clothes.

There are so many other ways to keep yourself clean during a camping trip. They are all important, keep your insect repellants, make sure you bring warm tough and thick clothing, keep yourself hydrated, and of course keep yourself dry.

These are essential knowledge and things that you should arm yourselves with before you test mother nature.

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    Very good advices, i often go to a camping near the sea and it is awesome to know this kind of tips ! Thank you

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