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Seeing the World Through The Bus Window

When traveling, one of the best things for me is the bus rides. It’s like watching a TV when you’re just sitting there looking out the window and watching life unfold outside.Bus rides for me are like free tours. Not really free, you get to pay the bus ticket but you get my point. On bus stops, you don’t even have to go down the bus to buy food. The sellers come right in and sell. The food finds its way to you.

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Bus Window

I used to hate riding buses when I was a kid. I’d get dizzy, vomit and to make it worse, sit in a chair for hours. My mom had to buy me Bonamine to prevent me from vomiting. The only thing that would prevent me from getting dizzy is the view outside the window. Now if you’re like me who come from the outskirts of Benguet or Mt. Province, you’d have passed by Halsema Highway and saw the beauty that road has to offer.


Halsema Highway
A View of the Halsema Highway


If you haven’t seen Halsema yet or have no idea, you can read my post regarding the subject here.

From the eyes of a kid, the Cordillera mountain ranges I see through the bus window inspired me to be a creative person. The views made me want to paint the way the mighty mountains meet the azure skies. The constant sea of clouds and stars turned my dull words into descriptive and expressive ones.

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When I turned older, the bus lines were replaced with public vans. But still, the essence of sitting by the window remained. With my earphones on and the music on full blast, just looking out the bus window lets me reflect on life and think of great ideas.

Inside the Bus
Here is a photo of my friend trying hard to be a ghost. LOL

From all my years of traveling, what I loved most is the long bus rides. I fell in love with the variety of people, places, and food that bus rides offer.

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