5 Amazing Places To Start Your Round The World Trip

Round the World Trip

So you want to travel the world and do a round the world trip? Planning about your itineraries and researching the top places to go to can be really fun and exciting! There are endless possibilities, and you just want to try them all. There’s just something unique and special about traveling from one place to the other. It’s no surprise most people have it on their bucket list.

The world is filled with thousands of attractions and stunning views. Choosing which place to go to for a round the world trip can be overwhelming at the same time exhilarating. But when it comes to going around the world, where should you begin?

Here are five excellent places to begin your adventure. These are a mix of destinations that would appeal to any experienced or beginning traveler which doesn’t require you to learn the local language as most of these countries are English speaking.




Who doesn’t want to go to Australia? They have some of the best beaches, multicultural cities, fantastic wildlife, delicious food, and vast expanses of the outback. It’s easy to figure out why this country is an all in one travel destination. It has everything that matches every age, budget, interest, and taste. It also offers one of a kind experiences that are hard to find anywhere in the world.

The only downside to Australia is its expensive flights. However, this is nothing compared to all the things that you can do in the country. Once you’re in, you’ll never want to leave. It’s a great place to move to.

New Zealand
New Zealand

My personal favorite – New Zealand is among the best places to visit with its unrivaled beauty. The landscapes make you want to give a standing ovation. The 90 mile long beaches are well known for its surf breaks and amazing, spectacular sunsets. With its centuries-old trees, New Zealand has Kauri trees that can live up to 1000+ years. Tree huggers will find these massive trees the spotlight of the country. The place will literally blow you away with its stunning beauty.



When you think of backpacking, the first thing that most people think of is Southeast Asia. It has some of the cheapest destinations, picturesque beaches, and scrumptious food. Singapore is among the best country to travel to. It is filled with shops and great restaurants all the while offering incomparable cleanliness and mouthwatering food. It also has parks, green spaces, and nature reserves.

Compared to its neighboring countries, Singapore is westernized and more developed. Despite costing more than its nearby destinations, it is still possible to travel on a budget in this country. This makes it a great place to start your round the world trip.



One of the most visited countries in the world is Thailand. It is famous for its superb beaches, scrumptious food, trekking spots, and cities. You don’t have to worry about getting lost as it is very easy to get around this area because of the tourist trails. Thailand is one of the most affordable and easiest places to travel in Southeast Asia.

When planning your trip to this place, try November to February and catch the blooming of the lilies on the Red Lotus Lake. It makes the lake look pink from afar. Thailand is also famous for its numerous islands that offer unlimited island hopping opportunities to some of the most unspoiled islands.

South Africa

South Africa

Aside from Safari, South Africa also offers hiking opportunities. If you love the outdoors, you should check out the Tugela Falls which is the world’s second highest waterfall and Drakensberg mountain range. Safari is composed of various places to visit; it has national parks, beaches, wild coastal reserves, and culture. There’s no need to worry about the language as most people can speak English.

Expect that you will be overwhelmed with the unique sights and memories that you will experience in this country. Did you know that South Africa is among the places that have the best weather on the planet? It is neither too hot nor too cold. Now, that’s something I would want to try.


It can be stressful to pick your first destination when you’re starting to travel around the world. The best decision in choosing a place is to find one that you can easily navigate and less challenging. Once you start traveling, you’ll never want to stop. It can be a fulfilling and addicting experience. Try one of the five picks above and start your round the world trip today.

Is your favorite destination included in the list? Which country do you want to travel to?

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