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7 of the Best Campsites in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is one of the coolest cities in the Philippines, second only to Baguio City. With its cool air and the perfect view of the Taal Lake, it's no wonder a lot of tourists come to visit the place. Throughout the years, a lot of high rise buildings and grand hotels...

Finding the Best Summer Camp for Your Kids

Finding the best summer camp for your kids can be a real challenge, mainly due to the many options for you to choose from. Just like when you’re choosing travel destinations, it’s important to consider the activities and location of the camp. On top of that, when...

How to Make Popcorn While Camping

Do you know how to make popcorn while camping? Do not worry! Popcorn is possible even when you are in the wild. Read on and learn how to enjoy outdoors more! Popcorn is not impossible when camping. The wild is not a valid reason to keep the kids from enjoying the...

5 Tenets Of Marketing In The Travel Industry

Have you come across travel marketing campaigns online and thought, how did they come up with a campaign that's smart and entertaining, people are lining up to book with them? If yes, you'd want to take these five tenets of travel marketing to heart for your next...


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