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The Best Gifts For Travelers (For 2018): 29 Gift Ideas

It’s almost Christmas and you’re probably looking for the best gifts for travelers. You might want to give your friend or yourself some gifts for travelers, no one will judge. This year, I thought, why not create a guide for the best gifts for travelers. (But deep...

2019 Planners For People Who Love To Travel

It’s 2019 planners season everyone! And I badly want to buy a planner to welcome 2019. Sigh. But with all the planners out there, I’m in a pinch. I don’t know which one to buy. So I thought, why not create a post of the 2019 travel planners and ask the readers to...

What Traveling Has Taught Me About Life

I never thought I'd ever consider traveling around the world as one of my dreams and goals in life. I used to be the kid who only cared about her grades and how to make money. Not until I met the two people who changed my perspective. I met one of my friends in...

5 Bad Travel Habits You Need To Quit Today

Traveling was once a luxury that only a few can afford and do. But recently, with the turn of this millennium comes the trend of travel. For all the times that I went on a trip, I met a plethora of travelers, some interesting and some just cringe-worthy. This article...

5 Amazing Places To Start Your Round The World Trip

So you want to travel the world and do a round the world trip? Planning about your itineraries and researching the top places to go to can be really fun and exciting! There are endless possibilities, and you just want to try them all. There’s just something unique and...

I Just Got Engaged And It’s Crazy!

Yup. Yup. Wanderera is bound to walk down the aisle in just a few months time. I'm writing this on September 27, 2018, by the way (in case this gets republished). Sooooo what is it like to be engaged? It feels surreal? I mean, I know I'm going to get married (to the...

Seeing the World Through The Bus Window

When traveling, one of the best things for me is the bus rides. It's like watching a TV when you're just sitting there looking out the window and watching life unfold outside.Bus rides for me are like free tours. Not really free, you get to pay the bus ticket but you...

Why You Should Date A Camper

My boyfriend is a very honest man. Haha. I’m lucky to have him. He is the kind of person who doesn’t go out often, hisses at crowds and prefers cuddling in front of the TV screen lit room than under the stars. Honestly, I was supposed to make a “Why you should date a...


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wandereraHello! My name is Johanes.

At 23, I left my job to explore the world, discover what life’s all about and chase my dreams. I created this blog to share my adventures and misadventures in hopes of inspiring someone like you to take the leap of faith and chase your dreams. You only have one life. Live it well.

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