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6 Reasons to Charter a Private Jet for Your Family Trips

Guest Post by Chiyako Ikeda

Proper, sufficient planning plays a key role in ensuring your family travels are fun, fruitful, and successful, especially if you are going on a long trip.

Planning your trip well gives you a better chance of minimizing the usual hassles and inconveniences that come with traveling. You and your family will avoid forgetting anything vital, such as important clothes, devices, medicines, and passports.

Additionally, with sufficient planning, everyone can get more out of the family trip. Whether you are going on a vacation or traveling for medical reasons, you can achieve all the goals you set within your travel period.

Giving Your Family a Better Flying Experience

If you and your family are going abroad, one of the most important and trickiest parts of planning your trip is booking your flight.

Finding the best flight schedule that works for everyone, especially your little ones, and making sure everyone is seated together can be quite challenging. If you are traveling with one or two pets, finding an airline that will accept them also poses some problems.

If you are going on a long trip, ensuring everyone stays within the luggage allowance can also be difficult. Your children may want to bring more things, which can lead to overweight suitcases and bags and excess baggage charges that you have to pay for.

These are hassles you can avoid when you opt for a UAE private jet charter.

Although it is true that private planes are mostly hired for corporate reasons, it is now also a popular option among people wishing to fly with their families because of the following reasons:

More Control

When you opt for a private jet charter, you can select departure dates and times that work for everyone. This means that there is no reason for you and your family to wake up late at night or early in the morning to catch your flight.

Keep in mind that when you fly commercial, you have limited options regarding flight schedules, especially if you are booking at the last minute.

Moreover, you have to pay a fortune for flights that you don’t like and could be full of inconveniences.

With private flights, you can choose the best dates and times for your departure. You can even select the airport where you can land if there are multiple ones at your destination.

All these translate to fewer hassles and more convenience for everyone.

Shorter Waiting Times

Another great thing about flying via private jets is that you can avoid the long waiting times that come with commercial flights.

When you fly via a private jet, you and your family won’t be required to arrive at the airport two to three hours before your flight. You won’t also have to stand in long lines to check in everyone’s luggage and bags.

This means you can avoid staying too long at crowded terminals and having to deal with bored, restless children and looking for ways to entertain them.

With the shorter wait time, you can spend a few more hours double-checking all packed bags and get some rest before your flight.

Fewer Restrictions Than Commercial Flights

Although you can’t bring everything you want on a private jet, you and your family can enjoy more freedom on your flight.

Private jets often offer bigger baggage allowances for their passengers. 

As such, you can bring more items, even bulky ones that you may not be allowed or have to pay extra to bring in commercial planes, including golf clubs, large plasma TVs, and food or wine baskets.

You can also bring food and beverages that are not allowed on commercial flights. You won’t have to worry about not having anything to feed your picky little eaters.

More importantly, you can bring your pet with you when you travel, which many commercial airlines do not allow. And even if you are permitted to, you usually have to place your fur babies in the cargo area.

When you charter a private jet, you can enjoy your flight together with your pets. You won’t have to be separated from them and leave them confined in their carrier for several hours. You can also bring more pet accessories that your furry friends need.

Bigger Cabin Space

The generous legroom in private jets is one of the best things about chartering one, particularly for long flights.

Private jets give you plenty of space to sit and move comfortably and stretch and relax. You will never worry about bumping into your fellow passengers as you get up and go to the toilet. Also, you can forget about the crunch of elbows and putting the tray table up and down in front every time you eat or drink something.

The generous space also allows you to bring your baby’s stroller inside the cabin. You won’t have to fold and store it in the cargo area, meaning you can put your child in it and be free to do other things during the flight.

Your little ones will also be able to walk and play around the cabin, something that will keep them preoccupied and allow you to enjoy and get some rest during the flight.

Onboard Entertainment for All Passengers

Private jets also have a variety of features that will keep you and everyone in your family entertained for hours.

Private jets are equipped with Wi-Fi, tablets, TV screens, and DVD players. Because of this, all passengers, regardless of their age, will have something to do as they stay seated for hours.

While your children are watching their favorite movies or TV shows or playing mobile games, you are free to relax or do whatever you want.

You can also spend some time bonding with your children during the flight as you watch a movie together or play games with them.

Customized Catering

Commercial airlines have limited food choices. Additionally, they also have strict rules regarding bringing meals.

As a result, children often end up eating nothing satisfying during the flight.

These restrictions can also make it hard for you to bring meals that meet your children’s special dietary requirements.

Having something everyone in your family can eat is something you won’t have to worry about when you hire a private jet.

A private jet charter allows you full control over the type of food served to your family during the flight. Moreover, you have the chance to enjoy a gourmet meal, something that will truly elevate everyone’s flying experience.

On your next family trip, give everyone a treat. Charter a private jet to give yourself and your family the best travel experience.

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