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Top Private Jet Charter Services in Summer 2021

Guest post by Blazho Gjorgiev

Private flight happening on owned aircraft by large businesses and wealthy individuals is rapidly decreasing.

Simply put: Purchasing a private jet is extremely costly.

Decided to adopt the Uber-style notion of private jet chartering services. These solutions enable both private individuals and businesses to receive guaranteed traveling without the fiscal and payroll burden of maintaining a fleet of private planes idling on the runway at all times.

Therefore, the market for private jet charters has increased by multitudes in the past few decades. We’ve catalogued what we believe the very best private jet charters to utilize as we segway into summer of 2021.


There are not a lot of private jet charters. However, the ones that do exist will share a common focus: Joining their customers with available seats on private jets.

The distinctions between these firms will typically become evident when scrutinizing their service offerings, features, and business models. By way of example, there are a few providers which will really sell partial ownership of a jet to their customers versus a single chair.

Percentage of the aircraft and above-mentioned maintenance and support. Therefore, the use is attributed to the percent possession of the jet.

The charter client will choose the usage required and book the jet or fleet for this block of hours. This services to significantly lower the price versus bookmarking a bit of a whole jet for essentially a lengthy leasing period. For passengers, this isn’t as sought after, however.

The shortage of jet fractional ownership or first cash injections means it is a lot more challenging to secure space.

Suitable for the passenger but more challenging to organize for the leasing service is payment of a flat rate for unlimited use and accessibility of a community of private jets. Many companies promise this facet and then wind up bankrupt in a few short years.

The justification for this is that the lack of profitability In the company model, as it would require accessibility to millions of pilots and planes. Bear in mind, aircraft are removed from commission regularly for maintenance, and team supply isn’t infinite.

The top 5 private jet charters

Some private jet chartering businesses do we’ve curated this listing of the top private jet charters for summertime 2021 which provides more effective travels.


BitLux is among the fastest-growing up-and-comers from the private jet chartering business. With many years of business experience across a number of service offerings, BitLux supplies air chartering services for thousands of locations internationally. They specialize in executive air charters, in addition to aircraft management and freight chartering services. Their network of personal jets is in the thousands, and they have a solid hold on airport facilities globally. They’re also the first private aviation business to accept both real money and cryptocurrencies for traveling, ensuring a truly private experience.

To learn more about BitLux please visit their website.


Netjets is the most famous of the personal jet charters. They’re the oldest and largest private jet charter in the world, in control of a fleet of over 700 private jets worldwide, amassing a wide assortment of sizes and courses. Netjets supports flights at over four million airports around the world, and contains a list of more than seven million fractional owners.

They operate with the Jet Card, sold in 25-hour blocks, the Lease, with over 50 estimated hours each year but without possession, and the Share, for those seeking to fly more than 50 hours and want partial aircraft ownership.


NetJets and BitLux in their fleet are capped at just two different private airplane models: the Challenger 300 and Cessna Citation X.

The advantages of the exclusivity are seen with the speed in which the logistics and maintenance of the aircraft proceed. However, a drawback is that their spouses are extremely select, and membership is very costly.


Brokering service, working through a massive network of partnerships to give access to more than five million aircraft of all sizes and levels.

They coordinate with customers to ensure their best experience.


Private aviation and lifestyle community in life. Their business model is a lot more Uber-esque than options, with the capacity via their site or mobile program to check costs and scheduled flights. Jettly’s options are much more compact than other titans such as the aforementioned, however, they have a wide array of smaller craft, including helicopters and single-engine piston airplanes.


Selecting a personal jet chartering company to meet and exceed the requirements of your self as a passenger, or your company as a financier is not a simple job. This could easily be among the largest single expenses determined upon. Fortunately, there are plentiful choices when searching around for a private jet chartering option to fit your special requirements, and services available around the world.

In truth, even gigantic conglomerates with the ability to buy their very own fleet of jets frequently find it more financially sound to use a private jet chartering services like BitLux, Netjets, XOJet, and many others. Instead of possession, these chartering entities have networked extremely well to ensure the same degree of concierge-type services to customers from all walks of life, rather than simply the affluent.

You know exactly what choices exist, if fractional ownership, shared services, or pay per flight. Furthermore, it’s important to understand there are likely going to be added expenses and hidden charges associated with your membership or purchase. Keep a close eye to be certain the service chosen is clear about their fleet and security.

Wonderful and luxurious world of personal air travel isn’t it.

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