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6 Places to Visit in the U.S. (While You’re a Student)

Guest post by Michael Fowler

Traveling plays a pivotal role in our life. People adore exploring new locations at any time of the year. Indeed, it is excellent to open something unique off the beaten track. It is incredibly cool when you can go nearly anywhere your heart desires.

However, there is one severe obstacle to make everyone refrain from traveling overseas. The pandemic has dramatically altered the globe. People have to remain at home and keep themselves safe and secure. But under no circumstances does it mean people can’t travel in the U.S.

Sticking to social distancing and precautionary measures, you can easily embark on a trip and have the same vibes you used to have. Let’s discuss the most vivid places worthy of visiting when you are a student.

Why And When To Travel?

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Traveling enlarges our horizons and mindset. When on the road, we interact with people of different cultures and thinking, which helps us develop. We can come across such people when hitchhiking, backpacking, or simply traveling by planes, trains, or buses. You don’t necessarily have to create a thorough plan of your trip to be blissfully happy in the long run. That being said, you can simply enjoy an ordinary one-day trip when being a student and completing specific tasks.

For instance, you can set a goal to set off a short-term trip afterward. You can also decide to spend a couple of days traveling across the United States during the semester break. Either way, you will benefit from such expeditions.

Top-Most Places To See For Students

It comes as no surprise that traveling develops our critical thinking and world perception. To be able to demonstrate a stance, we have to experience as much as possible within our lives. That is why it is great to spend plenty of time traveling and interacting with people. The following list of places will definitely imprint their atmosphere and philosophy in our life.

New York City, New York

“The city never sleeps” is essentially what New York is about. Simply put, NYC is the entire country full of different locations, cultures, and people. Being a melting pot, you will understand how the city operates within such a vast number of inhabitants. Apart from people, you will have an opportunity to sightsee the city from different angles.

Hundreds of statues, fascinating streets, and, most importantly, architecture are for those who love the hectic rhythm of life. Compared to other cities, New York is the place where the heftiest money flow is present. You should pay a visit to the city if you think about your career and want to live in an impressively large area.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Another great place that you will surely be enamored of. New Orleans is the cradle for jazz and blues music. The locals are still proud of this history, and they do their best to portray it most beautifully. That is why the city will remind you of this fact everywhere. Hearing different musical instruments, such as horn, trumpet, or saxophone, will make you cast your mind back to the times when it was in the limelight.

Other than that, you may want to plan your trip to catch Spring’s Mardi Gras, the largest carnival celebrations oversaturated with parades and floats of people marching through the entire city and the French Quarter. Not only is New Orleans famous for its vibrant music and impressive city life, but it is always well known for its cuisine. The mixture of French and African American mouth-watering food will certainly make you want to order something.

Washington, D.C.

Although many people can declare Washington as a tedious city, it is still worth visiting. Why? At least because it has a tremendous effect on world politics. Suppose you are up for visiting the government institutions. In that case, you will find it interesting visiting the White House, the Library of Congress, the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and many other chief moments in American history. Besides politics, you can find many artsy places that are no worse than in any other city. Here, you can see the Smithsonian museums and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Phoenix, Arizona

If you prefer to have sunny days around the year, Arizona state is your best option. Visiting Phoenix–the largest city in the state–you will see how American and Mexican cultures coexist. This has affected many aspects of locals’ life, starting from buildings and art and ending with cuisine and language. Being in Phoenix, you are strongly encouraged to visit Tucson. You will be offered an exhaustive list of different activities, such as horse riding, gardening, biking, hiking, balloon riding, etc. Why not make your winter a bit more toasty?

Want a more cold atmosphere? Go to the Grand Canyon. The place is the UNESCO World Heritage place that attracts millions of people annually! You can take your tent and pitch it up, gaining impressive experience, and saving your budget.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is widely known for having the world’s most reputable educational institutions. Every year, thousands of students arrive in Boston to study at Harvard or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. No matter whether you are a part of the mentioned universities, you can glance at their architecture. Since the institutions are large, you will spend lots of time exploring them.

Moreover, the city tends to be the oldest in American history. It has witnessed a plethora of historical moments, including the revolution, so make sure to devote some time walking across the city and learning its history. And don’t forget to visit authentic Irish pubs. Since the city is tightly connected to Ireland, it has hundreds of pubs full of original beers and folk ballads.

Denver, Colorado

Sometimes, people desire to travel, but they have no idea where to go. In such a case, you should visit Denver. The city has lots of places to visit, depending on your preferences. That is, you can enjoy city life hanging out with amiable people or deep dive into art and culture by visiting dozens of top-notch museums. Colorado is an awe-inspiring state with hundreds of thousands of breathtaking spots. Whatever you decide to do there, you will have the warmest emotions afterward.


Although the current situation holds us tight, students still have a chance to travel across the U.S. Since our country is massive and every state has unique places to visit, you are encouraged to see them all. The mentioned list just sheds light on states with exclusive quirks to ensure you get the best traveling experience.

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