5 Must-Visit Road Trip Routes

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Guest post by Diana Smith

Are you itching to travel? Do you feel like your passport is calling your name? Well, one of the best ways to satisfy your need for adventure today is to organize a nice road trip with a few of your buddies!

You can stay safe in your vehicle and still have so much fun. Having issues with choosing your route? Here are some of the best road trip routes for 2021.

The Silk Road, China

This huge international trade route used to connect China and the Mediterranean in the past centuries, but today, it serves as one of the most famous travel routes for adventurers. The Silk Road is massive, so if you can’t spare a few months of road tripping, you can reserve a week for exploring Northwest China and visit some of the Silk Road cities on your way.

Vegas and its surrounding, USA

If the American Southwest is on your radar, consider organizing a fun 5-day road trip outside Vegas. Start your trip in Sin City, since most sites can be reached from it—it’s a great base for your adventure. Your first stop can be the Grand Canyon and its many viewpoints along the South Rim. Next, hit Zion National Park and enjoy some nature views and hiking.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia

This road is tiny when compared to some on this list (a little over 200 kilometers), but its beauty is unmatched. You will pass along spectacular beaches, fun national parks, dreamy historic towns and dramatic cliffs that will take your breath away. The best time to visit Australia and its Great Ocean Road is in the off-season. The summer temperatures and traffic can make this trip basically unbearable, so make sure to wait for winter. Also, don’t hesitate to rent a quality car or at least ensure your car is in top condition. To ensure best performance and comfort, choose only high-quality Perrin products for your modified vehicle. No matter what you need, from suspension to engine upgrades, you’ll be taken care of.

London to Edinburgh

If you’re looking for an epic adventure filled with natural and historic sites and super cool cities and towns, hit the road between London and Edinburgh. There are so many great stops to make along the way that are usually missed by people who choose to take the train or fly from the UK’s capital to the Scottish capital, so make sure not to make the same mistake. This road trip will take you across England and through well-known cities of York, Liverpool and Manchester, but you can also visit national parks like the Lake District, Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales.

Transylvania region, Romania

Not many people think of Romania when planning their road trip, but trust us when we say it should find its place on your road trip bucket list. Take about 10 days to properly explore Bucharest and Transylvania regions, starting at the city of Bucharest and driving north to the mountains. You’ll go through Transylvania known for its formidable Count Dracula and his undead legions (hopefully, it’s all a legend). Finish your trip by taking the Transfagarasan Highway, an epic road that passes through the dramatic Carpathian Mountains. This road was voted the best road in the world by Top Gear, so make sure not to miss it on your way back to Bucharest. The Transfagarasan Highway will take a day to do and it’s best visited in the summer to avoid icy winter conditions.

Just because you can’t enjoy traditional travel yet, it doesn’t mean you have to stay at home and feel miserable. Now that you have a few road tripping ideas, all you need to do is check your car, pack your bags, grab your palls and hit the road.

About the author

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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