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Travelling on The 2021 Mazda Hatchback & Sedan

The Mazda 3 has always been a family car, be it the hatchback or the sedan. With overall great visuals and a slew of features for the driver to enjoy, it makes long drives on the plains of Australia, the traffic stops of the city, or mountainous curves much more fun.

But the driver’s comfort isn’t all there is to consider. Yes, the drive is amazing so are the safety features, road grip, and technology, but the sleek front hides a relatively smaller seating in it, especially the hatchback. Taller families may find that for long-distance traveling, the sedan would be much better suited. 

The 2021 model is an attractive buy, and where it has always struggled against some competitors, it is no longer the case. This recent model for the Mazda 3 is given a sharp outlook from the front and back, has almost every high-end technology you could ask for in a family car suitable for even the roughest roads. 

However, if you are traveling with your family, we suggest you avoid going off-road, no matter the engine. You’ll probably hit some rocks on the way because of the low, 5.5-inch road clearance (unloaded). 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Mazda 3, the features it boasts, and some key elements that should help you decide whether or not it is a suitable car for the travelers among you. 

The Mazda 3 – Luxurious Travels At an Affordable Price

If there is anything that Mazda 3 has always offered, much like the 2021 model, it’s the luxurious finish inside and out. The interior itself is fairly soft as well, hence giving that comfortable feel we all need in a family car. The cabin is rather roomy with a 70.67-inch-wide body (without mirrors). However, the same cannot be said about the height. 

The 56.5-inch-tall body from top to bottom would be enough. Unfortunately, the curve means that taller people in the back may find that their head is a bit too near the roof. 

For a family with children, the hatchback and the sedan can be amazing choices and may even leave Ford’s interior in the dust. 

Infotainment System

There is an infotainment system that is quite intuitive and easy to use. Although every Mazda has an infotainment system, this one is much more versatile. The 8-inch colour screen system has a rotary controller on its side and some shortcut buttons for you to use – the rest is touch-screen. 

When traveling, you can simply issue voice commands to play music, turn on Bluetooth, and more. We found the 8-speaker sound system to be extremely enjoyable, especially when driving on the highway with the family. From personal experience, the infotainment screen is particularly useful for music and kids’ shows that can keep your children calm throughout the day. 


The Mazda 3 has never really been able to match its competition in terms of practicality because of the low roofline. However, the interior storage and the comfort level that almost everyone in the car enjoys is something to boast about. It has a feel similar to a sports car, and the comfortable seats can make even long journeys easy. 

Not the roomiest car, Mazda 3 is for those looking for a family travel solution at a sensible price. However, we should mention that although the suspension is much better than its predecessors or Ford, you may not like it if you are moving from an Audi or Mercedes to the Mazda 3.  

Storage & Leg Room

Unfortunately, hatchback owners may find themselves needing room to stretch their legs quite often when going cross country. There isn’t much legroom in the back seat, and both the sedan and the hatchback may feel a bit claustrophobic because of the relatively low headroom. 

People with average height will find the sedan and hatchback right up their alley, though. The 13.2 cubic feet of trunk space isn’t that impressive for a sedan, while the hatchback has a fairly decent 20.1 cubic feet of storage.


Surprisingly, despite its size, you can tow a braked trailer of up to 13,000 kg. This is the standard tow capacity for most sedans; however, it’s the low ride height and the overall size that makes its tow capacity so surprising. 


The Mazda 3 is great as a family car. However, taller adults may struggle with the practicality and roofing on the long ride. Based on many customer testimonials and test drives, we can safely say that Mazda 3 has everything you could ask for in a road-trip car. It’s also a fuel-efficient car, but this fuel efficiency comes at a price. 

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