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5 Tips for Traveling to Kenya

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Guest Post by James Njunge

Whether you’re a local or foreign tourist, Kenya is loaded with exciting sceneries and experiences. You can enjoy all year round. Kenya has it all, whether you are an adrenaline junkie, foodie, shopaholic, fancy diverse cultural experiences, architectural marvels, or a relaxed day in nature or the beach.

Nonetheless, your travel experiences won’t automatically be amazing. You need the right plan to ensure you enjoy a smooth and unforgettable experience. Among the top tips to improve your quests includes:

Find the right accommodation

What tickles your fancy; traditional hotels, Airbnb, or rental houses? You’ll find a range of accommodation options, giving you the flexibility to choose a solution that best matches your needs and taste. Don’t discount the location; the last thing you want for your travels is to spend more time on the road instead of enjoying your explorations.

With strategically positioned houses for rent in Nairobi, you can easily come and go, making your experiences a breeze. Consider proximity to the destinations you want to tour, access to transportation means, and accessibility, such as during late hours.

You’ll improve your travel experience with the right accommodation option since you’ll be well anchored.

Understand the transport options

Buses, taxis, Boda Bodas, train, and air transport are available. The trick is establishing the option that best matches your situation. A flight or the SGR train could be ideal over hours on the road for long travels; this allows you to squeeze more activities into your schedule.

A taxi could suffice if you are exploring a smaller region, such as Nairobi and its environs. You can also use multiple means. For instance, take a taxi from the Nairobi National Park to National Museum, but take Bodas when exploring within the CBD.

Such an approach is creative as you won’t waste valuable time stuck in traffic, allowing you to do more site seeing.

Pick the best timing

Kenya has pleasant weather all year round. Nonetheless, you won’t enjoy the same experience when you tour during the rainy and dry seasons. Rainy seasons, for example, don’t make the best for Safari tours. The roads can, at times, be messy, taking more time that could be productively used to enjoy the wildlife.

Timing is everything, and following your travel destination, you can pick a season that’ll let you do more explorations over being stuck in the house as it is extremely hot or on the road struggling to beat those muddy potholes.

Have a strategic itinerary

Your movements can make or frustrate your travel experiences. Check the map, establish the smoothest flow, and plan the itinerary accordingly.

For instance, starting from Karura Forest Reserve, heading to the Nairobi National Museum, then-National Park would make more sense as you’ll be flowing in one direction. Back and forth movement can waste valuable time, emphasizing the need for strategic itinerary planning.

Select ideal destinations

Are you travelling solo, with family, or with a group of friends? As accommodating as Kenya is, considering your interests can’t take the backseat.

Picking the best destination comes down to the experience you are looking for, ensuring you explore a region that offers what you need. Flying blind will only frustrate your travels as you might not find something that excites you, meaning you’ll be bored before it is even afternoon.

Do your homework, compare the fun things you can do in various destinations, and pick and prioritize them to get the most out of every hour.

Kenya has a lot to offer for your travel quest, but only if you know where to start, stay, and tour. The available resources, including sites like Hauzisha that list available properties, vlogs, blogs, and online social forums, make it easier to plan your travels.

With the many options at your disposal, the only limit is how much fun you want to have in Kenya.

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