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Injured in a Casino While Enjoying a Vacation? Here’s How to Protect Your Rights

Most people would agree that land-based casinos are a perfect place to have some fun (particularly if you go to a casino in another country that you never visited before), and, at the same time, earn some cash. Out there, there are so many games that you can play, like blackjack, slots, bingo, and many others that it’s hard to feel bored.

Apart from all these forms of entertainment, you can also take a break by having a drink or meal at a restaurant or even bust some moves at a nightclub. One weekend at a land-based casino can truly be unforgettable.

However, if you’re not lucky enough, unfortunately, at times, you can get injured as well. It normally happens if you trip on uneven floors or even poison your tummy with some low-quality room service. So what can you do if something like this happens? Stay tuned to find out!

Seeking Medical Help Is A Must!

There’s nothing more important than your own health and safety. Hence if you don’t feel well (even if it’s not something life-threatening), you must make sure to seek medical assistance immediately.

That’s particularly important if you accidentally broke something or sustained burn injuries. In these types of situations, the casino is obligated to provide you with some medical help and arrange transport to the closest hospital.

Even if you do not think that your current condition is too serious, don’t forget injuries may appear to be minor at first glance, but are actually far more dangerous. Moreover, some of them can take up to one day to manifest.

That’s precisely one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t postpone talking to an experienced healthcare provider. Oh, and once you’re at the hospital, be sure to acquire a copy of your medical records (and all treatment plans that are included) to ensure a speedy recovery.

See What Your Lawyer Is Going To Suggest

Having an attorney by your side in these instances is of huge importance. That’s especially important if your case is relatively complex, yet you would like to pursue compensation. Bear in mind that most casinos are backed by seasoned, skilled advocates, meaning that they won’t give in easily.

When money is involved, they will do everything they can to win. Therefore, it’s essential to have someone who will fight for your rights! Now, if you by any chance were injured at a casino in Reno, Nevada, then it would be wise to find the list of some of the best Reno casino accident lawyers and choose the one who seems most reliable. Precisely these legal experts will help you navigate numerous complexities of the casino law, and come out as a winner!

Evidence, Evidence, Evidence

In most cases, there are witnesses who have seen exactly what happened out there. Consequently, be sure to talk to as many people as possible because precisely their testimonials can help your case.

Keep in mind that every single detail matters. Once you’ve gathered all the relevant information from them, you can go back to your solicitor to see what needs to be done next. Another thing that you should be focusing on is the surveillance camera.

In case you didn’t know, a vast majority of land-based casinos have huge amounts of surveillance cameras that are here to supervise everything and everyone in case someone tries to cheat.

Thereby you should talk to the manager, or the owner to see whether, by any chance, your accident was caught on camera. Of course, something like this cannot be done without the help of your lawyer.

So if you truly believe that the incident was caught on tape, make sure to immediately call your attorney because only this person is able to force the casino to release the footage. You alone won’t accomplish anything.

Don’t Forget The Damages You’ll Be Dealing With

 Not only will something like this impact your physical and mental health, but it will also affect you financially. That’s especially the case if you’ve sustained some serious injuries. If that’s the situation, then for a certain period of time you won’t be able to go to work.

And what happens then? You will have to deal with lost wages which is another hurdle on this journey. However, don’t worry, there are some things that you can do to prevent this. For starters, if you want to lodge an insurance claim, then you need to talk to your employer and let him/her know that he/she is obligated to give a statement regarding lost wages.

So what’s supposed to be included in it? Things like vacation, salary, sick days pay, as well as bonuses you’ve lost because of this incident. Every single one of these things must be added. Additionally, you can add all of them to the medical and out-of-pocket costs so you can acquire injury expenses.

All of this should be multiplied twice (because you will include all the pain and stress you’ve gone through because of this accident) and only then you will be able to determine the value of your injury claim.

If by any chance you are permanently disabled, then you should mention that as well because you’ll need some form of financial help in the future.

Discussing Settlement Negotiations 

Once your advocate has built a good case, he or she will create a letter that will consist of all crucial details that led to this incident, along with the evidence they’ve collected in the meantime, and the amount of money you are demanding to resolve the claim.

And what then? And then this letter will be sent to the casino’s insurer, which frequently induces negotiations. In most situations, the cases settle before reaching trial, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your solicitor will give up on you and settle for less than you’ve requested.

Filing A Lawsuit

So what are you going to do if you cannot reach a fair agreement with the insurer? In these types of situations, both you and your lawyer are going to file a premises liability lawsuit. So the next thing that you’re supposed to do is to file a complaint, and then the defendant is going to give his/her answer.

But before your case reaches the trial, there are several steps that need to be taken first:

  • Discovery – This stage can oftentimes be very complicated and may take a long time. So what happens during this phase? Both parties will gather and request proof from the other side. Testimony (or so-called depositions) is also going to be taken of the defendant, plaintiff, witnesses, and other professionals that are involved in your case.
  • Pretrial motions & hearings – Each side is going to get the chance to file pretrial motions before the judge determines the rules for your trial. So what do we mean by this? This refers to the evidence that’s going to be permitted, whether your case is going to be dismissed, or not, and many other things.


It is highly likely that the court will demand both parties to try a mediated settlement before trial. And who is a mediator? Well, that’s the person who is trained and has a plethora of experience with these inconveniences and will do whatever he/she can to bring the opposite sides together and will try to help them effectively solve the case. If it doesn’t work, then the trial is your next stop.

When You Can’t And When You Can File A Claim Against Casino

 This is something that we thought must be mentioned, especially if you’ve never dealt with something like this. Namely, there are some situations when you cannot file a claim a file against the casino.

That’s mostly when the injury wasn’t caused by the casino, but by the careless patron. For example, if a car accidentally crashes into it, then the biggest culprit is precisely that vehicle, not the casino.

However, there are some other situations where you can perceive the casino as liable, and only in these instances, you are allowed to file a claim against them in order to receive compensation for everything you’ve gone through.

There are a number of examples where you can seek compensation, and below we will enumerate some:

1)     Staircase accident

2)     Slip & fall injuries

3)     Shuttle bus accident

4)     Elevator malfunction

5)     Negligent security

6)     Accidental drowning in swimming pools that belong to the casino

If you’ve experienced any of these aforementioned inconveniences, then you can try to seek compensation from the casino. Now, even if by any chance you were in the parking lot of the casino (when something bad happened) the casino is still perceived as liable for any type of injuries you sustained because of their negligence.

Therefore, if you fall in the parking lot (for instance, due to poor-quality lighting), then you can definitely make a premises liability claim.

Casinos will love you as long as they can profit from you, or there aren’t any disputes. However, in these instances, you cannot expect them to be 100% fair. So if you want to avoid any unpleasant occurrence, then be sure to check out these tips above.

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