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I Got Engaged To The Love Of My Life

Yup. Yup. Wanderera is bound to walk down the aisle in just a few months time. I’m writing this on September 27, 2018, by the way (in case this gets republished).

Sooooo what is it like to be engaged?

It feels surreal? I mean, I know I’m going to get married (to the love of my life – my high school sweetheart) but it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. Just like all the other big events in my life, I have a hard time processing things until it’s really happening.

How did he propose?

Uhh. He just kinda did. To answer this question, we have to go back to when it started 10 years ago. (Wohooo. Storytelling time.)

A few months after we were dating, my boyfriend gave me a silver ring (yes, he did – that cheeky little boy). I thought it was a plastic ring and with stone on top at that. It was a diamond ring. Not sure if its a real one but it felt really real to me.

So he said, “I want us to get married in the future. Since we’re still too young, I’ll just give you this ring today, wear it as a necklace and then put it on your finger when you’re ready. ”

Thinking back, it was pretty romantic. Unfortunately, I lost the ring. Yes, clumsy old me did.

Over the years, he replaced it with a golden ring and then gave me another silver ring.

When I graduated from college and was about to start working in Batangas, he gave me another ring.

So how did we decide that it was time to get married?

Ten years ago, I promised him we’d get married after 10 years and since we already have a decent amount of money, we decided yeah let’s do this.

Wedding bells?

Yup. For our wedding, we decided to go with a garden wedding which is pretty cool. The theme would be bohemian but I don’t know if we can pull that off but I do want a flower crown. The motif is pastel peach (sounds fancy, eh?).

For the following months, I’ll be looking for a dress which I hope is not too expensive. Lol. Maybe I should go buy from the thrift store? Hahaha. (I’m serious).

So I’ll post again after the wedding and keep you guys updated. *smiley

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