How To Work Remotely While Camping

How To Work Remotely While Camping

Remote working has numerous benefits for employees. They include better work-life balance, no commute hassles, working from where you want, exposure to different cultures, a happy and healthier life, and access to more opportunities. You only need a laptop or a smartphone and an internet connection.  

While working from home is easier, things are very different when camping. There are some challenges, like bad weather, that you’ll likely experience, which may hurt your productivity. In simple words, there are many work-related things you can’t do efficiently when camping. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can implement to help build a better working environment.  

Invest In A Portable Power Station 

Investing in a portable power station is one of the most important things to do when preparing to work when camping. Note that you must keep your smartphones and laptops charged to connect with others and complete all work-related tasks. However, in most cases, you won’t find a place to charge them. That’s why you need to purchase a portable power station. It’ll help you to charge your devices and provide lighting at night. As such, you’ll be able to work without any hassles as you’d do at the office or home.  

There are many factors to consider when selecting a portable power station for camping and remote working needs. The first one is the charging option. Before you pay for that attractive piece of equipment, consider its charging options. Since you’ll likely be moving from one place to another using a motorhome, the best portable power station will have a USB charging system that enables you to use the motorhome to charge it quickly.  

Another important consideration is the number of outlets. Some portable power stations have one outlet, while others have many. Determine the number of devices you’ll be charging while camping, which will help you to select a station with the right number of outputs.  

When choosing a portable power station for camping and remote working, you should consider its battery capacity and the type of devices you want to charge. This will help determine the battery capacity you need. If you’ll use it only to charge a laptop and phones, you may go for a portable power station with a lower battery capacity of about 1,000 Wh. However, if you’re going to carry big appliances like a fridge or electric cooker, you may want to find one with a higher battery capacity.  

Ensure You Have A Good Wi-Fi Connection

To work remotely while camping, you must have an internet connection. You probably have a traditional Wi-Fi router at home. But that one might not serve you where you want to go. For one, it might be a headache to uninstall what you’ve already installed at home. Besides, the type of Wi-Fi you’re utilizing at home might not be available in the region you’re traveling to. 

Fortunately, today most campsites have a Wi-Fi connection for clients. However, you might not want to rely on it 100% to complete job-related tasks. You can carry your own portable Wi-Fi connection instead.  

There are many other benefits of investing in your own portable Wi-Fi. For instance, not all public Wi-Fi hotspots are secure. Cybercriminals may use them to access and steal your data. Therefore, bringing a portable Wi-Fi connection safeguards your data against online attacks.  

Portable Wi-Fi is also cheaper, especially when compared to mobile data. Mobile data are always expensive, and the situation may even worsen when dealing with roaming charges. You can save lots of money if you invest in portable Wi-Fi since it doesn’t attract any outrageous bills.  

How To Work Remotely While Camping

Find The Right Furniture

You may want to establish a small office when working remotely while camping. Sometimes you might be tempted to sit down on the grass and complete a few tasks. However, you won’t be productive if you go with that option. It may even lead to some health complications like neck and back pains which may force you to spend more money on hospital bills. You could’ve avoided all these problems by investing in camping items and furniture.  

There are several things you need to establish a working office. But the most important is a table and a chair. However, don’t carry your traditional office items instead find foldable ones which you can carry anywhere. That way, you can easily add them to your carry-on luggage and comfortably move with them.  

Install The Right Software In Your Laptop 

You must have software that allows you to work remotely while camping. This allows you to connect with your employer or clients. In simple terms, it’ll simplify your work and ensures you remain predictive throughout. 

You may require various kinds of software for remote working while camping. Examples include data-sharing systems, project management automation tools, and communication and workflow management software.  

However, all the selected software should integrate and be compatible with your laptops to help enhance your efficiency. The data-sharing software should have in-built security features like file encryption to help protect your data against cybercriminals. Furthermore, make sure you select tools with simple user interfaces. That way, you’ll take the least time to learn how to operate with them. Moreover, ensure you work with the best vendor to get quality tools and premium customer service.  

Get Sun Protection

You might not feel comfortable working in the sun. Besides, your laptops may get damaged if exposed to direct sunlight. So, if you aren’t going to find a tree or a tent at the campsite, consider buying a portable canopy. It’ll provide shade for yourself and your laptops. Therefore, you won’t be worried about sunlight.  


Working while camping can be one of the best ways to enjoy life. It allows you to complete job-related tasks while having fun. However, the process of remote working while camping might not be easy if you don’t know how to go about it. But it’s all about preparation, investing in a portable power station, finding pocket Wi-Fi, choosing the right furniture, etc. All these enable you to have a good experience working remotely while camping.  

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