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How to Plan Your First Family Vacation

how to plan a family vacation
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From the beginning of your journey to years, after it is over, a family trip will always be a cherishable adventure for everyone. Family trips do not only build memories but also break our monotonous routines, exposing us to new cultures and experiences.

Whether flying to a vacation spot or randomly exploring new places on a road trip, vacations away from home is a great opportunity to bond and get to know each other better. We might live under the same roof as our family members, but a strenuous cycle of our routines hardly leaves us with a chance to spend quality time with each other.

So if you haven’t traveled with your family, take some time off from your busy schedules and set on an unforgettable journey with your family. You will need to move systematically to avoid inconvenient situations. If it is your first time doing it, here is an ultimate checklist for you to follow and have a smooth trip.    

Pre-book a Decent Accommodation

It doesn’t matter where you are going or for how much time, you should make booking arrangements before anything else. It is more important if you have young children. You will spend more time in your hotel than on the road or in the air, so make sure it is well-suited to your needs.

Booking accommodation does not only mean you and your family are well-rested. It should also help you experience and immerse in your surroundings through its location, especially if you visit a scenic place like the Smoky Mountains. No moment should go by without appreciating the beauty of nature.

So before hitting the road, search for the best Smoky Mountain cabin rentals and pre-book the one that would make your stay an experience of a lifetime. Once you have arranged your accommodation, you will have a place ready to crash in after a long journey. 

Specify Your Budget

Planning a budget is very different when traveling with family. Unlike a trip with your friends where everyone bears their expenses, traveling with family means one or two people will be responsible for funding the trip.

Secondly, traveling with children means you might spend more than you had initially planned. Children are more prone to illnesses while traveling, and you should leave some space for the medical bills in your budget.

You might also lose check on your spending while fulfilling their demands. So plan your expenses, especially if you have a tight budget, and make the most of your trip.   

Pick a Destination Everyone Agrees Upon

There might be people of different age groups in your family, and choosing a destination that appeals to everyone can be difficult. You might want to go hiking in the mountains, but your children might be eager to go to a place with an amusement park and thrilling rides.

It requires thorough research on your part about the kind of experience that place offers. Also, carefully assess how much you can spend versus how much the destination will cost you.

After keeping in mind all these parameters, there would not be many choices left, and you can easily choose from your remaining options. Since it is a time to live your best life, ensure that your destination place fulfills everyone’s wishes and no one feels left out.

Buy Souvenirs

Collecting memories is the most crucial part of any trip, and what can be better than bringing a part of that place with you? Every area has something unique that speaks of its culture, values, and tradition. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

It should just be close to you and your family. It would be a wonderful reminder of the memorable times you spent with your family. You can tuck it away somewhere safe, or you may show it off by displaying it on a wall or a table at your home.

So go for a souvenir hunt with your family and settle for something that should be equally appealing and representative of the place you visit.   

Arrange Convenient Transportation

Along with booking an affordable mode of transportation, you should also consider its convenience. You surely do not want your family and yourself to be sleep deprived or have body aches due to an uncomfortable ride.

If you have booked a train or airplane ticket, you need to book a ride to drive around your destination. Choose one based on the season of your place of visit. Whether winter or summer, ensure your transportation has a heating and cooling system if temperatures are extreme.  

Take Health Safety Measures

In all the excitement of the trip, do not forget to take precautionary measures for everyone’s health. For this purpose, ensure that everyone receives vaccinations against rampant diseases and infections. It is important to avoid catching diseases and spreading them to others.

Especially after the pandemic has hit, do not forget to verify the vaccination status of your family members. Apart from the protection, you may not get permission to travel without receiving the required doses. So plan and get the shots your destination countries require.

Vaccinate yourself a month before your traveling date as it might take several weeks to complete your doses. Your immunity will also take time to buildup.

Also, ensure you have a first aid box ready by your side with all the necessary medications, bandages, and disinfectants. If you or your family member is on any medications, try to keep more stock than required in case your trip gets extended. Ill health will kill the joy and spirit of your trip, so take every precaution to avoid getting in such a situation.


It is a good idea to come out of our busy lives once in a while and explore the horizons of the world beyond our home and work. Apart from having a break from your routine, a family trip will broaden your mind by exposing it to new people and experiences.

Your children will also learn to explore the world while still feeling safe. So while running errands for your first family vacation, do not forget the ultimate goal, i.e., to make loads of cherishable memories and bloom your relationships into something more beautiful. 

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