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5 Tricks To Make and Edit Your Travel Videos Perfectly

Making travel videos is a fun way to express creativity, connect with an audience, and celebrate your passion for travel. However, it’s difficult to create content that stands out. Popular destinations have been shared over and over, and finding something new to offer is challenging.

Creating a perfect travel video takes thought and innovation. Here are five tricks to make and edit your travel videos perfectly. 

Research Your Destination in Advance

Take some time to conduct in-depth research on your destination before you go. Look beyond travel guides and tourist hotspots to find some hidden gems. Use resources like Atlas Obscura to find offbeat attractions, read local newsletters and event calendars, and create a Reddit page to ask the locals what they love. This approach will help you stand apart from other video creators.

The research will also help you determine what popular attractions you should include and how to get the best footage.

Avoid the Crowds

As you research, look for ways to avoid crowds. Consider traveling in the off-season to avoid traffic jams. Additionally, planning your shooting sessions for the early mornings before tourists arrive can get you incredible footage.

Exploring off the beaten path and asking locals for recommendations will also help you avoid crowds. This way you will have more time and flexibility to set up a tripod, explore new angles, and get creative.

Master Your Equipment

Don’t limit your travel videography to your adventures. Practice with your gear between trips and be open to continuous improvement. Give yourself time to master new equipment before big trips.

For example, you can become a tourist in your hometown to learn composition techniques or test a new camera. Make a short video with the online trailer maker to practice your editing skills and get comfortable with your style before your next adventure. 

Explore a logo maker to get inspiration from video templates, storyboard concepts, and social media outlines for shaping your next mini-project. 

Learn From Other Creators

Other travel creators may be your competition, but they’re also your community. Take inspiration from their content and reframe it to fit your unique approach. The goal isn’t to copy their work, but to explore different shooting techniques and ideas. 

Consider investing in some courses in video composition and editing to enhance your skills further. If you’re the most talented creator in the room, you’re in the wrong room. There’s always space to hone your craft and learn from those with more experience.

Create a Signature Style 

Create consistency in your videos, so viewers recognize them as your creations. Many famous filmmakers have signature styles that set them apart. Wes Anderson is known for his pastel tones and cinematic symmetry with perfectly centered shots. Examples of Quentin Tarantino’s eccentric style are his trunk shots and nonlinear storylines. 

Your signature style could include a color palette or mood, unique angles, or a specific panning technique to reveal each destination. As a content creator, you must tie these elements into your overall strategy. It’s a vital component for creating a social media brand aesthetic


The key elements in making and editing amazing travel videos are research, continued learning, dedication to your craft, and practice. Get creative and try new things. Take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them. Above all, have fun! When you create with passion, your audience will be able to feel it.

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