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Product photography is a very crucial aspect of marketing. A jewellery marketing strategist from says that jewellery should first appeal to the eye and be so impressionable that one immediately visualizes themselves in it thus pushing a purchase.

Good and quality jewellery photography makes the difference between success and failure and serious jewellery dealers, more so those dealing with women necklaces, invest in good jewellery photography, and consider the following tips. 

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Experience and past work

You can tell a lot by viewing a photographer’s portfolio. It is not enough to be a good photographer, there must be evidence of jewellery photography and a good one at that.

Understanding this concept has made marketers at Icecarats seek out the best photographers to showcase their merchandise especially necklaces for women to draw in more customers.

It is not wise to hire a photographer on the learning curve because, in marketing, the margin of error can cost you many customers. Be thorough in examining and verifying experience from other jewellery photography done. 

Understanding jewellery photography is different

There is a lot that goes into consideration for jewellery photography. The primary target market and what appeals to them, the right lighting, and even occasion that the jewellery is intended for.

For example, wedding necklaces online should be staged with other wedding accessories such as flowers and rings to draw in that group of customers. 

The photographer you hire should be one who knows all these things upfront. On this front, Icecarats have done their due diligence and hired the fitting photographer for how spot on their jewellery photographs are. 

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Jewellery photography process

It is a common misconception that jewellery photography is just clicking a button and the photograph is captured. There is a process that goes into jewellery photography before the final image is ready for use in marketing.

Although the techniques may differ, the process is rather similar to the raw image requiring digital edits like removing a dull background and placing the image on a clear or scenic background and sometimes even retouching of the image.

Sometimes editing can take even longer than the shooting of the photographs and a deserving jewellery photographer will be aware of this and not seek to rush the process.

Seek high recommendations

There are photographers who have made their reputation with impeccable jewellery images You only need shop at Icecarats and see their quality necklaces for women images to understand this.

Therefore, you can seek out jewellery photographers from well-reviewed work or those who come highly recommended for their awesome work.

When a jewellery photographer is well-reviewed for their work it solicits some confidence in their work and you are guaranteed to get quality images that will revolutionize your marketing strategies. Just be sure to do your due diligence to ensure that the reviews are legit. 

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Ensure the photographer is flexible and open for ideas

Even though they are the professional on the matter of photography, you should be keen to hire a person who is willing to listen and take inspiration from the ideas you have.

At the end of it all, the goal is to produce quality images that are going to promote the brand, and brainstorming on the ideas that you both may have is a step closer to achieving this. Rigidity only serves a selfish purpose and is not encouraged when looking to hire a jewellery photographer. 

Images can be a big determinant of whether a jewellery brand takes off or is stifled at its roots. It is of absolute importance that you hire the right photographer for the job to maximize on the benefits of good quality images. With proper research and examining paperwork, it is quite an attainable fit.

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