Hiking Spots

 Hiking is what I’ve been doing since I was a small kid. During the rainy season, my family usually goes to the nearby mountains to look for mushrooms. Yumm! (and they’re free, too). Not only that but being born in a family where you only had one brother, you’re bound to do chores that’s often considered to be done by boys. And it was fun. My summer break consisted of me helping my father in the gardens and carrying rocks from the creek below our house for rip rapping purposes. I grew up as a woman who knew that she can do just about anything that men can. 

I was hiking when I went to school, when I attended church service, when I played with my friends and so on. Fast forward to today, I can honestly say I prefer the beaches to the mountains, but the mountains are my home so I won’t stop hiking anytime soon. Every time I see a mountain, I have the urge to reach the top and discover the stunning views on top.

Here are some places you can hike.


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