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Get Road Trip Ready: 7 Tips to Prepare Your Car for a Travel Adventure

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Guest post by Lana Hawkins

Road trips are super fun and a great way to get to know a certain area. Also, right now, they are the safest way to satisfy your travel itch and explore your country, since you’re traveling in your personal vehicle without contact with other people.

However, in order to ensure you have a fun and safe trip, you need to prep your car for your adventure. Here are a few tips that will get your car 100% road-trip-ready aside from your car insurance.

Check the battery

Before you start equipping your car and packing necessities, you must ensure every crucial part of your vehicle is functioning properly. Start with your car battery by checking the connections and removing corrosion.

If you notice corrosion, disconnect the battery, clean the connections with a wire brush and place it back. Since the corrosive acid can leak if the battery is forcibly removed, you might want to see a professional and let them handle this part.

In general, you should check your battery once a year, especially if it’s older than two years. 

Top off fluids and replace filters

Engine oil, transmission fluids and windshield fluids all need to be topped off before you hit the road. Also, check your car’s engine coolant and make sure the tank is filled to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t forget to change the oil filter, which will provide your engine’s long-term health. Here on TheDrive you can choose the right oil filter comparing the different types.

The engine air filter should also be clean since dust and debris can clog up your filter and let particles into your engine and affect its performance.  

Give it a good polish

Now is the time to move to your car’s exterior. It’s very important to keep your car clean since it can improve visibility and performance. Wash your car with soap and water and pay special attention to tires.

Once your car is clean, you can give it a good polish if you’re confident in your abilities. If you don’t have time or tools, you can book a car polish session and let professionals handle this part.

Regular polishing will protect your car’s exterior and ensure your car always looks in top shape. Also, check your headlights and see whether they need a polish too (there are DIY headlights polishing kits you can buy online).

Inspect the tires 

Tire health and inflation can affect your safety and your car’s performance, so make sure the pressure is optimal. And don’t forget about the spare too!

Also, check the tire tread condition with a quarter method and see whether you need a new set of tires before your road trip.

Uneven wear on tires is also important and it means you might need to rotate or align tires (this can be easily handled by your local mechanic). 

Pack well

Now that you know your vehicle can withstand all the miles that await you, you need to ensure you have all the road trip necessities with you.

Remove all the junk from your glove compartment and other storage solutions and fill them with things you’ll actually need.

Pack a flashlight, road flares, car charger and USB power pack, some spare batteries for gadgets, a few tools and a blanket. You will also need to check your first aid kit in case of minor accidents. 

Invest in some car organizing additions 

You always want to have everything you need at arm’s reach to prevent distractions and minimize mess, so make sure to equip your car with some handy organizers.

There are various gadgets perfect for road trips like backseat organizers, front seat caddies, collapsible bins and sun visor organizers, all of which are practical and depend on which type of traveler you are.

These are perfect for holding everything from phones and tablets to snacks and drinks, and you won’t have to dig around the car for necessities ever again. 

Boost entertainment 

Road trips are always fun, but sometimes things can get quiet, especially when you’re on a highway with nothing to look at.

In that case, make sure to provide your passengers with plenty of entertainment to prevent moodiness from adults and tantrums from kinds.

If you have an older car without built-in entertainment, invest in a USB-powered music player that will provide you with private car concerts and hours and hours of audiobooks and podcasts. You may also want to get a party bus from Corpus Christi rentals to maximize entertainment experience.

There’s nothing more important than your safety and comfort so don’t neglect them on the road. If you follow this little guide, you can be sure your vehicle is road-trip ready. 

About the author

Lana Hawkins is a stay-at-home mom by day and author by night. She enjoys playing in the kitchen and cooking for her friends and family, spending time in nature and learning about other cultures by travelling. She is regular contributor to smoothdecorator.com

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