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5 Reasons to Try Experiential Travel

Experiential Travel

Experiential travel has been a thing since the beginning of 2019. This specific voyage is about deeply immersing oneself in the various aspects of the location rather than the common sightseeing activities. 

Many argue that their experiential travels imparted experiences of a lifetime. Some are going as far as saying that the journey changed something within them. Thus it begs to ask: what is special about this particular way of traveling? 

Experiential Travel is Holistically Beautiful

Tourism is an all-out industry for many countries that can lavishly present the beauty of their place to travelers. After all, any conventional tourism equates to sightseeing the enthralling locations around the area. 

However, while the locals commercialize the jaw-dropping views and sceneries, most landmarks are too picturesque.

Sightseeing travels are only surface-level types that touch what beauty the country only wants outsiders to see. Thus, while the experience may feel superb, it feels too superficial compared to something that happens in a local’s everyday life. With experiential traveling, one can immerse themselves deeper than what commercial tourism can offer. Experiential traveling goes well beyond the superficial charm of the land and tries to capture the holistic beauty of the country itself.

Experiential Travel is Immersive

Has anyone walked the vivid nightlife of Shinjuku? Can anyone relate to the difference between urban New Delhi and rural Calcutta? Did anyone know that there are mosques and Islam structures around a catholic-centered Spain? Little to no tourist blog can fully transcript a holistic answer about every country’s hidden gems. 

Experiential travels are better than conventional tourism because of how immersive the process can be. While sightseeing tours engrave photos of the picturesque sceneries on phones, experiential travel etches lifelong memories and experiences into one’s mind. This is possible with every minuscule detail of living amongst the locals: every point counts as a good experience. 

Experiential Travel Entails Learning

A tight and short-lived sightseeing schedule is not enough to sate the curiosity. Sure, any traveler may come across details that are cultural or historical. Yet, the shortness of a tourist visit is not enough to dig deeper about them. Experiential traveling, however, allows depth in their learning as it helps travelers scour the location for answers. 

But learning through experiential traveling does not limit itself to concepts and academic-like search for answers. Rather, experiential traveling is more about reflection and manifestation of the cultural aspects. This traveling enables experiencing the incorporated cultural elements into a local’s everyday living.

Experiential Travel Allows More Interaction with Locals

Locals are an important integration of traveling. They run the industry that lets outsiders tour the area with ease. However, with the commercialization of tourism, tourists will most likely come across a fellow tourist rather than a local in a tourist hotspot. Sightseeing activities are also narrow and tight on schedule: Aside from scenery-viewing, travelers will end up in their hotels to rest and repeat. 

On the other hand, experiential traveling includes locals in the whole equation. The entire process forces the tourists to interact more through exploration, slow travel, and integration; Experiential traveling encourages interaction by asking for directions, greetings, and cultural inquiries with the locals of all walks of life.

Experiential Travel Destroys Cultural Appropriation

The good thing about experiential travel is that it destroys cultural appropriation—or at least the stereotyping of foreigners to a country. After all, the countless firsthand process and details of enjoying the travel personally helps confirm facts and impressions about the particular culture.

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