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Top 3 Alternatives to Driving Yourself to a Ski Resort

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Guest Post by Angela Worley

Planning out a ski trip is something that any winter sports enthusiast looks forward to. Between making sure you have all the right attire and equipment to gathering your group of friends for a day on the mountain, ironing out the details of a ski trip is a great way to build up the excitement for the day’s activities. 

So what do you do if you’re not able to drive yourself to the ski resort? You certainly don’t want to ignore the detail of how you’re going to get there. If you don’t have access to a vehicle, you’ll have to look into some alternative ways that you can get yourself to your destination. Looking for some guidance on some other transportation options? Take a look at our top three alternatives to driving yourself to the ski resort!

1. Hitch a Ride

The first and perhaps easiest option to consider is trying to hitch a ride to the ski resort. If you’re going in a group, see who else has a vehicle that could accommodate everyone. If no one has a car, someone in your ski party must know someone they could borrow a vehicle from for the day. Use your resources and see what kind of options are available. 

Keep in mind that the roads going up to a ski resort can get treacherous at times. Between the snow, ice and extreme weather, you’ll want to make it a point to travel in a car that is safe for these conditions. At the very least, make sure the vehicle you take is equipped with things like snow tires or chains to make the drive as safe as possible.

2. Public Transportation

Something else you might consider to get to the ski resort is public transportation. Whether it’s a bus or a train, taking advantage of your public transportation options is a great way to not only get to the ski resort, but to also save you some cash. Consider the price difference between paying for gas and paying for a bus or train ticket when traveling to a ski resort. This has the potential to help you save some money. Major score!

If you do decide to go with this option, you’ll want to keep in mind that space will probably be limited. If you’re nervous about being able to bring your skis with you on a public bus or train, you might consider looking into a ski rental delivery option. This eliminates the need to lug your gear along with you, delivering your items straight to the resort.

3. Ski Bus

Another option you might want to look into is a ski bus. These are guaranteed to take you straight to the resort, proving to be potentially easier than going the public transportation route. Take some time and research what ski bus options are available in your area that go to the resort you want to visit. 

Make sure you’re checking off all of the boxes in planning your upcoming ski trip! Even if you don’t have access to a car to drive to the resort yourself, don’t let this discourage you. There are plenty of alternative forms of transportation that you can take advantage of! Do some research to see which one will work best for you and your trip to the ski resort.

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