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Dollywood Rides and Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Guest Post by Adeel Akhter

Ever since the emergence of Covid-19, most public places have been closed. One of these public places happens to be theme parks. Since the pandemic’s situation has improved in Tennessee, the Dollywood theme park has re-opened. Thanks to the numerous rides and attractions, you can leave your daily life behind and step into a different world. The thrill of the rides helps you recharge your batteries and forget all about your troubles. We will now discuss the different attractions that are available for you.

The Barnstormer

Seated back to back, the Barnstormer can occupy up to 32 people. Thanks to the two pendulum arms, you can get the same experience of pilots darting their aircraft over huge fields. With each swing, the ride travels progressively higher. It reaches the highest speed of 45 miles per hour and 230 degrees of rotatory motion. This ride is not for the faint-hearted as it goes 81 feet into the air. However, this Barnstormer is subject to closures during extreme weather conditions.

Black Bear Trail

Even the bears are friendly and interactive in Wildwood Grove. You can see many black bears playing around the edges of the gleaming streams of water. You can climb the back of these bears and ride through the woods, enjoying the scenery andthis once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take this ride, and you are bound to find hidden gems on the trail.

Blazing Fury

An indoor rollercoaster may not sound very fun, but that couldn’t be further from the actual truth. As this ride couples up with a virtual scenario, the experience becomes much better. As soon as the roller coaster starts, you find yourself in the middle of an uncontrollable fire in an 1880’s town. Everywhere you look, screams of firefighters, gunslingers, and distressed damsels fuel the complete chaos. You have to ride through the hills and curves at great speed to outpace the growing fire.

Daredevil Falls

The name of this ride is very much self-explanatory. You being the daredevil and having to take the fall. It takes courage to enter an abandoned camp for a dangerous boating expedition. If you’re brave enough to accept the challenge, the adventure guides will take you through a daring route. This route involves close encounters with bears and old lumber machinery. However, you get absolutely no time to catch your breath as the boat also drops down a 60-foot waterfall at a speed of 50 miles per hour.

Demolition Derby

These bumper cars are one of the most classic Dollywood rides you’ll come across. Regardless of who gets in your way, this is the one time you’re supposed to bump them away. It is crucial to stay focused while you make your way through the clutter of cars because you could get bumped out of nowhere. This ride is a must-have whenever you go to a theme park, and this time is no different.  

Dizzy Disk

The Dizzy Disk at Dollywood reminds you of the mid-point of a county fair. The seats are in a circular arrangement, with the passengers facing outward. You can take in all the sights as the ride makes you glide back and forth while spinning simultaneously. Make sure not to eat anything before trying the disk because no one likes to throw up at a theme park.

Dollywood Express Train

The train takes you through the mountains for a twenty-minute journey. As it crosses the Smoky Mountains, you can take in the pastoral beauty and some of the most exhilarating scenery that nature has to offer. Thanks to the 110-ton coal-fired steam engine, you get to experience five long miles of vintage traveling. You get to experience traveling through Pigeon Forge’s mountains on old trains such as the Dollywood Express. The seating for this train is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The departure times are limited, so if you want to be a part of the fun, you have to be there on time.

The Dragonflier

This ride mimics one of the most playful creatures from the creek side of Wildwood Grove. Like a dragonfly, the Dragon-flier speeds through the rocky terrain of the Smoky Mountain in a twisted and unpredictable path.

There is nothing more exciting than feeling the strong winds and enjoying the thrill of the flight. However, anyone who is below 46” has to be accompanied by a 16+ individual.

Drop Line

Being one of the most intense rides at Dollywood, the Drop Line is 20 stories higher than the theme park’s Timber Canyon. As you get lifted into the air, you can watch the Smoky Mountains from a bird’s point of view. Nevertheless, it is incredibly tough to enjoy the view as the ride can drop at any moment. The uncertainty of when that moment will come keeps you on the edge of your seat. Before you know it, the Drop Line dives back towards the ground. The sudden drop leaves you with overwhelming sensations and a thrilling rush of adrenaline in your body.

Eagle Mountain Sanctuary

The location of the sanctuary is in the Craftsman’s Valley.  Since they are extensive over 30,000 square feet, the aviary houses are home to the largest bald eagles group. Thanks to the beautiful setting in the mountain, you can catch a glimpse of these predatory birds. You can watch on as they interact with members from the American Eagle Foundation. Due to the interactive exhibition, this experience is one of the best attractions for families.

FireChaser Express

This roller coaster is a match made in heaven for anyone who isn’t afraid to run straight in the direction of danger. As it is functional on the Wilderness Pass, you have to go through the Smoky mountain. The coaster takes you straight into the smoky fire at full speed ahead. The FireChaser Express is the first dual-launch roller coaster ride, which sends you back and forth at the same time.

The Great Tree Swing

Entangled with vines and bright leaf decorations, the Great Tree Swing is a thrill-packed ride. Due to the side-to-side swinging motion, you have to hold on for dear life. It is mainly because, with every swing, the ride takes you higher into the air, moving faster and making you scream. The tree swing is in Wildwood Grove, so you can pay attention to the view if you aren’t scared for your life.

Dollywood Splash Country

Apart from the rides that we have already discussed, Dollywood has so many more attractions worth mentioning. One of these happens to be Dollywood’s Splash Country. Due to the number of water-based activities, this is one of the best water parks in Tennessee. Thanks to attractions such as the Bear Mountain Fire Tower, Big Bear Plunge, Downbound Float Trip, Fire Tower Falls, and Mountain Scream, you will not be short of entertainment.

Final Thoughts

The sheer number of rides and attractions available at Dollywood is commendable. However, the theme park’s capacity has limitations because of the Tennessee Pledge’s guidelines. For now, only season pass holders with reservations are allowed. Entry for general pass holders who don’t have reservations will be permitted as soon as capacity becomes available. Regardless of the reservations, everyone deserves to experience the joys of Dollywood’s attractions.

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