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How to Improve Your Personal Financial Situation (And Save More For Your Travels)

It’s a new year, and many people use this time to make fresh goals for their lives. Many of those goals center on improving their personal finances; some might decide this is the year they get serious about paying off their debt, raise their credit score, or otherwise...

Victory Liner Online Booking: Step By Step Guide

With the rise of technology and the Internet, more and more things are becoming possible. This includes doing a Victory Liner booking online. It can be daunting to do a Victory Liner booking online especially if you're one of those who has never done this before, I'm...

2019 Planners For People Who Love To Travel

It’s 2019 planners season everyone! And I badly want to buy a planner to welcome 2019. Sigh. But with all the planners out there, I’m in a pinch. I don’t know which one to buy. So I thought, why not create a post of the 2019 travel planners and ask the readers to...

JoyBus Premiere Class: How To Book The Genesis Bus Online

If you've been looking for ways on the Genesis online booking, here's the ultimate how-to guide. When booking online, you will notice that there are to ways to book the JoyBus Premiere Class. Joy Bus booking can either be via Pinoy Travel or I Want Seats. We'll take a...

What Traveling Has Taught Me About Life

I never thought I'd ever consider traveling around the world as one of my dreams and goals in life. I used to be the kid who only cared about her grades and how to make money. Not until I met the two people who changed my perspective. I met one of my friends in...

Where to Get Discounts For Your Travels (Plus Sales & Travel Deals)

One of the best thing when traveling is saving a few hundreds or thousands. Who wouldn’t want to go travel at a discounted rate? After writing the ‘How to make money online to fund your travels’ article, I got the idea of writing this next article - where to get...

How To Make Money Online To Fund Your Travels

Do you want to travel around the world? Most people would say yes but only a few would follow their heart and act on it. The most common excuse for not traveling is the lack of money.  Well my friends, today I’m going to show you a few ways on how to make money online...

Travel Hack: Leave Your Bags Here and Wander Around Manila While Waiting For Your Trip in the Pasay Victory Bus Terminal

Going to Baguio with tons of baggage? It’s 8 am and you go to the Victor Liner in Pasay to buy a ticket. But to your luck, the only available trips are from 1 pm onwards. So you ask yourself, 'What am I going to do while waiting?' You want to go around Manila but you...

5 Bad Travel Habits You Need To Quit Today

Traveling was once a luxury that only a few can afford and do. But recently, with the turn of this millennium comes the trend of travel. For all the times that I went on a trip, I met a plethora of travelers, some interesting and some just cringe-worthy. This article...

Victory Liner First Class Deluxe Bus (Schedule & Terminals): Manila To Baguio

If you read my Joybus Premiere Bus Review, you probably know I often travel home to Benguet slash Baguio. One time, I was able to ride the Victory Liner First Class Deluxe bus from Cubao to Baguio and I must say, it's pretty awesome. So I put together this blog post...

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