Expert Tips on Choosing the Perfect Pair of Hiking Shoes

Having a good pair of hiking shoes or boots is an investment in the comfort of your feet and your attitude when you’re on the trail. It can improve or ruin the trail for you. 

If you’re not careful with your shoe choices, a trip to the great outdoors can quickly turn into a nightmare because of the stress.

Here are some Expert Tips on Choosing the Perfect Pair of Hiking Shoes for your next hike, or mountaineering expedition, no matter where you are in your adventure.

Take a Look at the Materials 

The stiffer the boot, the thicker the leather used to make it. Whether you choose a highly rigid boot with maximum support and protection or a leather hiking boot with a little more flexibility at the expense of poorer durability is a personal preference.

For example, if you compare the merrell trail glove vs vapor glove, you’ll find that even though both are manufactured from the same material, the Merrell Trail Glove was a touch stiffer than the Vapor Glove. 

Make Sure It Fits

When going on a hike, it’s crucial that you wear shoes that fit properly. The perfect fit will determine whether you finish out on the trail with blisters or pleasure. Your hiking shoes should be snug but not too tight in key areas. It should provide your toes with enough room to move around comfortably.

Measure Yourself Properly

In order to get the perfect pair of shoes, it’s important to know your foot size. Choose the right size if the shoe is too small or too large. 

Choosing a shoe that is somewhat bigger than your foot will give you more room to move about. In most cases, going up a size and a half will do the trick.

Do not Forget to Put on Socks

Many people forget to bring woolen or alpine socks while putting on a pair of hiking boots. 

Bringing the correct socks with you to the shop while trying on trekking boots is important, as they will give you a better idea of the size you need and how you’ll be using the shoes on your walk.

Try Walking Around for a While Wearing the Shoe

Putting on a pair of shoes or boots and walking around in them is the best way to see whether they feel right. 

Spending more time with it will help you understand how it fits. Try on the shoes for a run around the shop and some leaping to see if there are any issues with the fit.

Select Hiking Boots That Keep Your Feet Dry & Have Good Airflow

Whether or not you need waterproof footwear for a trek depends on a number of factors, including your own preferences and the average weather in the area.

You won’t require waterproof hiking boots if your journey is on dry, low-humidity terrain. Waterproof footwear is a good idea if you live in a very humid region and plan on crossing streams often.


Hopefully, the information presented here has helped you feel more confident as you shop for a pair of hiking or trekking shoes. Before you go out on your next hike, be sure you have the proper footwear.

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