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CCIE Security Is the Trend! CCIE Certification and CCIE Examination

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The importance of security is a top priority for the IT industry. Security involves too many aspects, and we won’t discuss too many aspects. Cisco CCIE security here refers to network security.

It can be said that without network security, there is no national security, which is of great importance. It can be seen that security is important to the network. From different sides, it shows how great the prospect of security for the network industry is!

How to Learn CCIE Security? 

First of all, you should understand how the network is formed, and have a good command of Cisco network products routers and switches, and network protocols, so that you can know what security technology is used! Then you should learn about Cisco’s security trend in network security. Learning everything is from slowly understanding to gradually deepening.

The theoretical study of CCIE security also starts from CCNA theory, in which you about some web security and e-mail security. Suppose that your boss asks you to do an e-mail protection scheme and what you should do?

If you don’t understand these skills, will you be speechless? Of course, the content of CCNA is not only these, but also some DNS Security and some common hacker technologies. These are to pave the way for the core course content and let you gradually enter a safe learning state!

The study of CCIE security theory is boring. You need to understand ACS, ASA firewall and FirePower. To understand the attribute classification of FirePower, there are software firewall and hardware firewall, as well as generalized firewall and narrow firewall.

The difference between the two can be understood from the literal meaning. One is fully functional and the other is single functional. Fully functional integrates a series of functions of firewall and IPS, and some single firewalls can only do some access control and status monitoring.

CCNA to CCNP login and authentication AAA theoretical contents, and understand the protocols radius, TACACS + and TACACS in AAA. The most important thing is to learn IPSec, understand its classification and some corresponding protocols!

These are from a macro perspective. To learn anything, you should observe it from the macro and micro. The deeper you go, the more micro. You also need to understand the hash algorithm MD5 and hash, as well as the symmetric / asymmetric encryption in the encryption algorithm.

These hash things are very important for future CCIE preparation! The importance of security to the network is self-evident, but it is really complex to learn!

After you have learned the theoretical knowledge from CCNA to CCIE, I suggest you learn it again to take notes. In this way, you have learned it once, and the general security system has a rudiment in your mind. If you take notes again, you will not be confused.

In the process of learning, you must understand the characteristics of each firewall and protocol, and do more experiments, Do more experiments on ASA and firepower.

Only theory and practice can learn! In the future network security arrangement, you will not be confused. Otherwise, if you make a mistake, it is likely that the network environment is transparent to outsiders, and no one can afford the data leakage!

Security is very important for both the current network and the future network!

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