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How to Beat the Heat and Keep Your Caravan Cool During Summer

Guest Post by Mahendra

Caravan owners prefer camping out during summer or spring because of the calm and sunny environment. It brings a different level of experience that campers know too well. The calm weather makes you enjoy the scenery, even more, compared to when it is raining. 

In reality, the summer season is the hottest time of the year. It will last for months of constant high temperature resulting in warmer air. This can be a huge problem for caravan owners, for example in dealing with the scorching sun. Not being able to beat the heat can turn your fun outdoor adventure into the worst trip ever. 

Thanks for some tips to keep your caravan cool during the hot season! Learn these tips to make your trip a lot more comfortable. 

Tips to Consider  

The below tips are based on the experience of many caravan owners. Each applies in any type of caravan used for camps. They are proven effective and easy to practice during summer camps. Let’s begin! 

Proper Airflow Inside the Caravan 

As the temperature rises, think of ways to invite enough air inside the caravan. One way is to keep the door and windows open to release hot air and allow cooler breezes. Some caravan models have a pop-top design that also encourages airflow. 

Most camping areas have plenty of insects that might enter your caravan. They may bring irritation and sickness if you do not take action. Installing an insect or mosquito netting is the best way to stop them from entering. 

For Blinds and Curtains

Another simple trick to keep your caravan cooler during summer is to keep the blinds and curtains down. It covers your interior from the rays of the sun hence helps to keep the caravan cooler. 

If your caravan has no built-in blinds, you may hang a thick cloth to both ends of your window. This will serve as your shade from the sunlight during the day. 

Insulation in the Hotter Months 

Normally, insulation best works during the winter that delivers warmth for the campers. Who says insulation cannot be useful in the hotter months? 

Proper insulation can also be a valuable tool during summer camp with your caravan. Adding insulation into your caravan helps to keep cool air and avoid heat from coming in. 

Consider buying a caravan with built-in insulation to push through all-weather trips. Most caravans are open for upgrade or custom-built, so better add up proper insulation on its roof and walls. 

Better Cook Outdoors 

Summer trips could be better with a lot of food. Whether you go with friends or families, eating outdoors ends up with different feels. It encourages bonding with your loved ones thus building better relationships.  

The idea of cooking inside a caravan may trap heat and feel stuffy. Doing so requires opening the doors and windows to avoid suffocation due to heat. It might also cause trouble with your other stuff within the caravan. 

Bringing mobile grills can prevent such difficulties and encourage cooking outside the caravan. This can sustain cooler air inside the caravan, as well as a nicer smell. 

Proper Lighting Choice 

The choice of lighting fixtures can affect the comfort inside your caravan at night during summer. LED lighting or fluorescent generates less heat and hence the best options to light up your caravan on hotter months. It produces light while consuming less energy resulting in a lesser cost. 

Avoid using lights that generate more heat such as halogen and incandescent lights. These lights get hot over time and that would bring a lot of trouble. 

Find your right spot  

Take advantage of the large trees around the camping area. Nature will provide plenty of shade during the daytime for free. More than that, trees can boost the airflow coming inside the caravan. Inhale the fresh air and feel relaxed all the time.  

Those trees are blessings in disguise for caravan owners looking for the right place to hide from the sunlight. Double-check the place to avoid unwanted troubles throughout the camping adventure. 

Invest in Air Conditioning Unit 

If the mentioned tips won’t work, here is another way to trap cooler air inside your caravan. Choose between mobile fans and air conditioning units that best suit your caravan setup. Both are effective in lowering the temperature inside your caravan, with comfort in mind. They promote cooler interiors for longer periods, which caravan owners desire most during summer. 

RV Parts Express has to offer Air conditioning for caravans, as one of the essentials for travel. It involves some other accessories coming from leading manufacturers to avoid ordering unsuitable products. It is an online store for easier access that can deliver to various places in Australia. They promised the best quality and most affordable products in the RV industry. 

Final Say  

We have no control over the rising temperature, but we can reduce its impact on every trip. It only takes some practical ways to prevent its maximum effect, like what was mentioned earlier. Those tips lessen the chance of trapping heat inside your caravan, instead promote comfort for caravan owners. Surely, campers can apply one of the above tips to beat the heat. 

For all caravan owners, do not allow the hot climate to stop you from hitting the road. Apply the tips you just read not to miss all the fun outdoors. 

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