5 Camping Essentials to Level Up Your Camping Experience

If you’ve gone out camping a couple of times, you’ve probably already thought of “I should have gotten a pillow or something.” or “How can I make this better?” Well, I’ve got some answers for you. The next time you go camping, bring these five camping essentials to make your camping more comfortable.

Bring inflatable pillows or an air mattress

Camping is hard when you didn’t bring enough stuff. What’s even harder is the ground you’re lying on. Bring some inflatable pillows and a car bed for a better camping experience. Inflatables don’t take up much space since they can be folded after usage.

Have a reliable power bank

Not all campsites have electricity so you better bring a power bank to save your phone from dying. Nothing is more frustrating than having your phone with a dead battery.

Grab some insect repellant

Camping means sleeping beside nature and enjoying every bit of it but you might not enjoy the insect bites. Outside, there are insects that give nothing but itchy red bumps. Avoid these by bringing with you some insect repellant.

Bring a bright and long-lasting light

Imagine this. You’re out camping, you’re enjoying the experience and the bonfire. It’s now dark and you go to sleep. Suddenly, you wake up to the call of nature. You need to pee and yet the bathroom’s 30 meters away. There’s no electricity and you can’t find your phone. You grab your flashlight but it’s dead. Nothing is scarier than walking in the dark in an unfamiliar place so you better ensure your camping light can withstand a night of camping.

Buy a waterproof tent

A waterproof tent is one of the best camping essentials that can save you from all the panic of getting your stuff to a dry place when it rains. It ruins the camping experience. What’s worse is when there’s no shade and you’re left to bath in the rain. To avoid stress, go get yourself a waterproof tent!

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