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I Just Got Married

I Just Got Married

I just got married last March. Let that sink in. Because it's still sinking in for me. I just got married! Insert OMG emoticon. I just got married to my highschool sweetheart and the love of my life, Ryk. Cue the aww's. Hahaha. I got lucky, I guess. I got myself a...

Finding the Best Summer Camp for Your Kids

Finding the Best Summer Camp for Your Kids

Finding the best summer camp for your kids can be a real challenge, mainly due to the many options for you to choose from. Just like when you’re choosing travel destinations, it’s important to consider the activities and location of the camp. On top of that, when...

How to Make Popcorn While Camping

How to Make Popcorn While Camping

Do you know how to make popcorn while camping? Do not worry! Popcorn is possible even when you are in the wild. Read on and learn how to enjoy outdoors more! Popcorn is not impossible when camping. The wild is not a valid reason to keep the kids from enjoying the...

8 Tips On How to Book Cheap Flights

8 Tips On How to Book Cheap Flights

On a budget? Here's how to book cheap flights to your dream destination. So you already know where you want to go for your vacation this year. You’ve already filed your leave and informed family that “sadly” you won’t be able to join them for the big annual summer...


About Me

johanes godoy
Hello! My name is Johanes.

At 23, I left my job to explore the world, discover what life’s all about and chase my dreams. I created this blog to share my adventures and misadventures in hopes of inspiring someone like you to take the leap of faith and chase your dreams. You only have one life. Live it well.

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