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best things to do in cyprus

5 Best Things to Do in Cyprus (That You Can’t Miss!)

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the eastern Mediterranean. The island is small in size, but there are plenty of amazing attractions and things to do here.

There are many ancient sites and historical attractions, beautiful white sandy beaches, churches and monasteries, castles, ancient medieval villages, and natural attractions like forests, hills, gorges, and beautiful waterfalls.

Activities include watersports, island cruising, fishing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, and trying the authentic foods of Cyprus.

Best Places to Stay in Cyprus

Before we dive into the best things to do in Cyprus, here are the best places to stay in!

You will find many fantastic hotels, resorts, and luxury villas in Cyprus. There are beachfront properties, up in the hills, along the ragged coastline, deep in the villages, and even in vineyards.

You don’t have to stay close to an activity you want to do or an attraction you want to see. Cyprus is a small island. The attractions and activities are spread throughout the island. 

Best Things to Do in Cyprus

See the Historical Attractions of Cyprus

First up, head to the Paphos Archaeological Park. There are many sites here that go back several centuries. See the Forty Columns Fortress, House of Dionysus, and the Paphos Mosaics, which are some of the best mosaics anywhere in the world.

They depict Roman and Greek culture, daily life, and stories of battles. The mosaics are UNESCO World Heritage listed.

Don’t forget to visit the Roman Odeon at the park. It was made from cut limestone on the slopes of a hill. In the ancient times, dramas used to be staged here. Also worth visiting are the Tombs of the Kings, Basilica of Panagia Limeniotissa, and the Agia Solomoni catacombs.

Visit the Religious Sites

Larnaca is the oldest town of Cyprus, on the island’s southern coast. The Church of Saint Lazarus is at the center of the town. It goes back to the 9th century Byzantine times. See the excellent Byzantine architecture here and also the Byzantine Museum, which is next door.

See the baroque woodcarving and the stone work of this church. The Stavrovouni Monastery was established in the 4th century by the mother of Emperor Constantine, St. Helena.

Hala Sultan Tekke or the Mosque of Umm Haram was constructed at the site where Umm Haram, a relative of Prophet Mohammad died. You can also visit the Kykkos Monastery in the Troodos Mountains. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Hit the Beaches

Cyprus has some of the most scenic beaches in the eastern Mediterranean. You can easily spend many days visiting them and relaxing on the island’s sandy shores. Nissi Beach, the Fig Tree Bay, Coral Bay, Mackenzie Beach, Lara Bay, and the Kourion are must-visits.

Nissi is great for parties, Coral Bay for swimming, while the Fig Tree Bay consistently ranks among the top beaches in Europe.

Many loungers are placed along the beaches. You will find many cafes, beach bars, and restaurants. There are water sports, sailing, swimming, and snorkeling. You can just relax and get a tan or enjoy the many activities on these beaches.

Many beaches are very serene, perfect for spending a relaxing time, while others like Nissi, are party hotspots. Events are held here. You can see international DJs showing their talents.

Check Out the Natural Attractions

Cyprus has so many natural attractions that it is difficult to see them all in a short stay. There are hills, forests, waterfalls, and even a beautiful gorge. See the iconic Aphrodite’s Rock, the place where Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love, and passion was born according to Greek mythology.

The giant rock rises from the sea, very close to a pebbled beach. Everyone takes a photo here. The water around the rock is also popular for swimming. Next visit the Adonis Baths, which according to legend, was the favorite place of Aphrodite and the Greek god Adonis. Swim in the pools below the waterfalls here.

Also visit the Millomeris waterfalls, which is within a forest. It is a peaceful oasis, perfect for spending a relaxing time. If you are looking for adventure, then go to the Avakas Gorge. Walk through the 3-kilometer long narrow gorge and admire the beautiful rocky formations.

You can see a lot of flora and fauna here. The Cape Greco region is also a must visit. There are many coves, hiking, and cycling trails here. You will get magnificent sea views along the nature trails.

Discover the Towns

There are several small towns on the island, each offering something different for the tourist. Paphos is a historic city, but the beachfront has many restaurants and cafes. Ayia Napa is the party capital of Cyprus. Limassol too has nightlife, but the city has a family vibe.

If you are interested in diving, then go to Protaras. Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is the world’s only divided capital. The city has many museums. Larnaca, on the other hand, one of the best city beaches in Europe.

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