Best San Diego Spots With Ocean Views

San Diego

Guest Post by Davie Reitze

San Diego features 70 miles of coastline, which offers striking ocean views. Every location you explore will present a unique perspective of this natural beauty. Visiting the shore isn’t the only way to witness these spectacular displays. Whether you’re catching some rays relaxing on the sandy beaches or hiring private charter boats in San Diego, you won’t be disappointed with the gorgeous scenery all around you.

Check out these incredible picturesque, perhaps even the best, locations for viewing the Pacific Ocean from San Diego’s amazing coastline:

Torrey Pines Gliderport

Torrey Pines Gliderport is an excellent paragliding and hang gliding school. You don’t have to have experience paragliding or hang gliding to enjoy an air adventure, though. The gliderport offers the opportunity for you to take a tandem flight with one of their experts. Whether you’re the pilot or flying tandem, a vivid chute or sail will send you soaring above the 350-foot cliffs, Black’s Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

This is the perfect activity for people who enjoy an adrenaline adventure. Many people are surprised how serene the flight becomes after the initial takeoff. Any nervousness a novice encounters will be well worth the rare ariel views of the area’s impressive ocean landscape. Don’t forget to grab your camera before takeoff; your vacation may not get more picturesque than this.

Ocean Excursions

San Diego has no shortage of means to set sail. Consider going on one of the San Diego SEAL Tours, a 90-minute land/sea adventure where the main attractions are the seals and sea lions you’re likely to spot. You can also partake in whale watching in San Diego, a must-do for the entire family. It’s a rare opportunity to observe these majestic mammals in their natural habitat.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

If you want an exceptional place to watch the beautiful San Diego sunset, you must visit Sunset Cliffs. Cliffs of varying formations drop steeply to the beach. Sunset Cliffs is a 68-acre public park that includes a 1.8-mile hiking trail that’s great for any hiker. You can also view tide pools at low tide and colorful seasonal wildflowers.

Cabrillo National Monument

At the end of the Point Loma peninsula, you’ll find the Cabrillo National Monument. Since you’re surrounded by water on three sides, you’ll enjoy a unique landscape: a long stretch of the Pacific Ocean to the west, and more ocean views, the San Diego skyline and Coronado to the east. Plan on spending several hours exploring the walkable trails and learning about the region’s history at the visitors center.

While you’re there, you’ll notice the statue that honors Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first European explorer to arrive on the West Coast in 1542. Be sure to take advantage of the lookouts that offer spectacular views of the Pacific. During certain times of the year, you can spot whales as they make their seasonal migrations.

There’s no doubt that San Diego is a nearly-perfect vacation destination for anyone who relishes a warm, nearly-always-sunny seaside environment. Whenever you decide to visit this charming city, be sure to search for locations of whale sightings today San Diego, and other unforgettable activities.

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