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Four Benefits of Softwater While Traveling

You might have encountered the trend of soft water a few times – while reading home magazines in your friend’s house, or on an online article you saw on Twitter, or probably from your colleagues talking about it at work.

Perhaps you’ve heard about its benefits, but do these benefits extend even when you’re away from home, enjoying some time away to escape from the toxicity of life in the city?

Because hey, who doesn’t want to ensure they’re consuming safe water on a foreign destination, right?
That’s what we’re about to find out! Read on to discover the benefits of soft water while you’re on vacation!

What is soft water?

For those wondering, soft water is water with minerals filtered. Hard water carries with it minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper. They are still safe for drinking since these minerals are actually required by our bodies to keep our systems running like clockwork.

For instance, calcium is important for building and strengthening bones, and iron for encouraging red blood cells and preventing fatigue and blood-related conditions like anemia.

While these minerals aren’t exactly alarming for our health, it can bring a slew of problems on our everyday living, most especially with household appliances. You can tell if you’re using hard water at home (or anywhere else you’re staying at) if you’ve been experiencing clogged taps, faucets, and/or appliances, and if your water tastes metallic.

Benefits of soft water for travelers

Save more energy when heating water

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium aren’t filtered from hard water, so they end up clogging appliances that use water like water heaters and coffee makers.

This won’t be a case with soft water. With the minerals filtered, clogging is less likely to happen, and you won’t need to make two turns using your water heater to achieve your desired temperature.

Not only have you saved electricity for your lodging/hotel, but you’ve also contributed a small step to saving the environment too!

Helps maintain glowing skin and healthy hair

Most accommodations like hotels, inns, lodgings, and other accommodations have water softener systems installed in their establishments, so sometimes, you may notice coming home from a holiday trip with your hair feeling soft and shiny.

Soft water also creates more lather when used with soaps and shampoos, saving you more from buying more toiletries and lessening the harshness on your skin from rubbing your soap hard to create more lather.

So if you want to maintain your glass-skin regime and achieve voluptuous hair like those in shampoo commercials, don’t forget to use soft water even while you’re on travel.

Maintain the quality of your clothes after washing them

If you’re traveling for five days or more, and you want to save from clothing by doing your laundry instead, it’s advisable to wash your clothes with soft water.

Clothes get softer after washing them with soft water since there are no minerals that can get trapped within the fabric. Both the quality and color of the fabric are prolonged when limescale-causing minerals (like magnesium, calcium, iron, and copper) aren’t mixed with the composition of these fabrics.

Advisable water for shaving

For the gentlemen out there, did you know that soft water can also help you achieve a clean shave? Aside from that, soft water also helps prolong your razor blade’s life, because again, there are no minerals interacting with the blade that can turn it rusty.

If you’re finally convinced of the benefits of soft water for travelers, and you’re considering to buy a portable water softener, there are a ton of reviews here to learn the type of water softener that suits you best!

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