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Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa: I Tried A Massage With Heated Stones And It Was Amazing

Are you stressed at work or at school? Tired from a recent adventure? Or all of the above?

Good news!

Introducing Balay Hilom Spa, an expert in providing traditional massages, indigenous remedies, and nurture packages.

For more than six years, they have provided quality service. If you plan on getting a massage, no one does it better than Balay Hilom Spa.

My Experience

After a stressful week, I had the privilege to try one of Balay Hilom Spa’s massage – Hilot Bato.

I was experiencing a bit of burnout after hustling for a week. I wanted to do something relaxing. When the opportunity came, I was ecstatic and excited to go check out Balay Hilom Spa.

First Impressions

Once I arrived, the staffs were pretty friendly. They gave me a cup of tea and a pair of slippers. What I first noticed though upon entering is the smell. I love the aroma wafting through the air. I haven’t had my massage yet and I was already getting relaxed.

This made me anticipate the massage more and more. While waiting for the room to be fixed, I explored the place.

Balay Hilom Spa

Their main area is definitely a beauty! I wish my living room would look this good. I fell in love with the woodworks, as well as the all-around decor. Every corner is adorned with items that come from all parts of the country.

Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa

Plus, I’m loving their masks. Thinking back, I regret not asking if I could try them on. Tsk. Maybe next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time!

Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa

Before the start of the massage, they treated my feet to a soothing bath. Top notch service! This helped treat my feet’s soreness which made all the walking to the spa worth it!

During the Massage

And so my time came and I was called to go to one of their rooms. All the rooms or should I say cubicles? I’m not sure are separated by a white curtain. The door also has a white curtain. This provides you with the privacy you need during the massage.

Balay Hilom Spa

After all, you’re going to strip naked. Yes, you read that right! NAKED. Like that makeup something something. Ok. Moving on.

So I was asked to take off my clothes, lie facing down and put the towel on my back. So I did. I took off EVERYTHING. Now that’s the funny part because when I asked my masseuse if all their massage services require me to remove all my clothes, she told me that it wasn’t necessary to remove the undies. Hahaha. Oh well. Bucket list checked? (Get naked at a massage spa. Haha. – No, it really isn’t in my bucket list and I just added it after the experience.) Anyways, the bed has a hole where you can place your head and breathe. 

Where was I? Ah, right. The massage.

Oh! It was bliss! Ate Flor did a great job! (Two thumbs up!) I had a lot of muscle ‘knots’ on my back – well, partly due to stress, and she did her best to loosen them up.

The massage lasted more than an hour. Yes, it was really long (and relaxing). I tried the Hilot Bato and it was great! Heated stones were placed on my back to help loosen my muscle ‘knots’. It was a first for me to experience a massage that uses rocks and it rocks! (See what I did there?)

When the massage was done, I was again offered the delicious tea. After taking my time, I bid the staffs goodbye, made my way out and promised to myself that I would someday return.

How To Get There

  1. From anywhere and everywhere, ride the LRT-2 going to Katipunan Station.
  2. Go out and walk for 10 to 15 minutes until you reach the FBR Arcade Building. It’s just across Ateneo De Manila University. You can also just walk until 711 and take a tricycle to bring you to the FBR Arcade Building and Balay Hilom Spa. Here’s a photo of the building.

Balay Hilom Spa

Note: The landmark is the Yellow Cab. So once you see this place, enter the building and at the far end, you will see Balay Hilom Spa.

Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa

Services and Rates

Check out the photos below for the rates and types of massage offered. Do note that prices may change without prior notice.

Balay Hilom Spa: Booking Information

  • Balay Hilom Spa Address: FBR Arcade, Katipunan Avenue (C-5), Loyola Heights, Quezon City (across Ateneo de Manila University)
  • Contact Number:  0927 535 8380
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/balayhilomspa/
  • Opening Hours: 1pm to 11pm daily

Note: If you’re planning to go on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, make a reservation via their FB page or contact number. The place usually gets full during this time.

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored trip that was made possible by Balay Hilom Spa. However, all the opinions are truly mine and not influenced in any way.

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