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bad travel habits

5 Bad Travel Habits You Need To Quit Today

Traveling was once a luxury that only a few can afford and do. But recently, with the turn of this millennium comes the trend of travel. For all the times that I went on a trip, I met a plethora of travelers, some interesting and some just cringe-worthy.

This article is written to hopefully call-out people’s bad travel habits and give awareness before it’s too late. (In short,  this is just me ranting).

Bad Travel Habits You Need To Quit Today

Leaving ‘trash-prints’

bad travel habits

These people are those who travel and leave their trash everywhere they go. They’re the ones that I want to lock up to never see the light of day.

I don’t know why but is it that hard to properly put trash in the garbage bins? The “there is no trash bins” reason isn’t enough to justify your actions. Why not just put your trash in a cellophane, bag or pocket? Then dispose of it when you see a trash bin.

The ecosystem is slowly getting destroyed by all the scattered trash, don’t contribute. If this is you,  please please please dispose of your trash properly or bring a cleaner with you. Not every place has cleaners who pick up your trash.


bad travel habits
Photo by Dayanne Crisologo

Back in the days,  (assuming I’m pretty old) people travel to see the beauty of a place, relax and unwind. Nowadays,  a lot of people travel mainly to take photos. An average person would always crave for adventure but this shouldn’t be made into a photomania. It’s just sad.

Last time when my friends and I went to Mt. Pulag, there was another group who hiked to the summit. The moment they reached the peak, they started taking a lot of photos without even taking a full minute to just look at the stunning sea of clouds in front of us.

After their photo shoot, (which lasted about 30 minutes), they packed up and left. Our group stayed for another hour and soaked in all the sun until it started to hurt.

Now if you’ve traveled,  then you’ll probably relate when I say that instead of getting relaxed, you become more stressed. Sometimes, a spot gets so packed that people are falling in line to get a view because a few people decided to take thousands of pictures just for boasting on social media. Don’t be like that. Take an ample amount of photos and get going.

I’m not saying that taking photos is bad,  all I’m saying is it shouldn’t be the main focus or reason for you to travel.

Take the time to enjoy the view,  breathe in fresh air, relax and let your feet take you to the road less traveled before snapping a few photos. I’ve seen a lot of people go to a place, take photos and leave.

If this is you,  try leaving your phone. Go make memories and not thousands of photos that you’ll be editing for hours just to post on social media.

Intensive noise

bad travel habits

People who are noisy and insensitive invite unwelcome glances and scowls. Most young people even bring Bluetooth speakers turned up to the maximum volume destroying other people’s agenda for a peaceful and relaxing travel.

Please. Always be mindful of other people. Unless you booked the place for yourself, don’t act like it’s yours. Turn down the volume and respect others.


bad travel habits

Language barrier sometimes gets in the way of traveling. Why not make your experience unforgettable by learning how to say “Thank you,” in the local language.

A better way to enjoy a place is to befriend a local and one of the best ways is to be grateful. You never know what gem of information you might find.

No respect for the culture

bad travel habits

Always remember that you are an alien in the place where you’re traveling to. It’s good to keep in mind that old saying: “when in Rome, do what the Romans do.”

Do some research, know the customs and act accordingly.

Take the time to find out what do’s and don’ts are. You never know you might be pissing some people off. Be mindful of possible consequences of your careless conducts.

Take for example what happened in Angkor Wat, Cambodia where two tourists took nude photos. This angered the authorities as the locals were greatly offended. As a result, the entrance fee doubled in price.

2 thoughts on “5 Bad Travel Habits You Need To Quit Today”

  1. You know, everything you just said needed to be said.

    People who take photos are mostly just hurting their own experience but people who are disrespectful towards local culture really hurt the cause of travelers everywhere.

    Like I remember once in Rajasthan, India, an American couple didn’t take off their flip-flops when entering a temple. They were told as they were entering but they still didn’t. Maybe they thought it was not a big deal. “But my shoes are clean” sort of thing when someone asks you to do that in their home.

    Thankfully a priest blocked them and told them politely but firmly that they couldn’t enter with the flipflops on.

    BTW so jealous of your Mt. Pulag trip.

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