Tips to Remember for Your Southeast Asian Camping Trip

Southeast Asia is known for its luscious rainforests, stunning mountains, and gorgeous beaches. The best part is that you can camp at some of these incredible places. If you are planning on going on a camping trip in any Southeast Asian country, here are some things that you should keep in mind before you begin your journey.

Research the place and campsite you will be going to

The most important thing that you should do before you begin the trip is to do your research on the place you are going. That includes the country you are visiting, the specific state or province that you are heading to, and the campsite that you are camping at. Not only will this help you to better understand the area, but also the people there and their culture.

Reading about the campsite that you are planning to go to can also help you to better plan your journey. If the campsite you have chosen is in a forest, you can prepare some trekking gear, or if your campsite is near the beach, you can remember to bring your swimwear. You can also research any emergency services near the area, in case something happens to you during your trip.

Expect to not have phone signals or internet

You have probably already expected to hear this, but it should still be brought up. In many Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia, you can have good phone coverage and internet signal in most parts of the country. However, the same cannot be said for when you are at the campsite.

There are more developed campsites where you can get a decent phone signal. However, most campsites, like the ones within a forest or a jungle, cannot guarantee you any phone signal at all. Be prepared by informing the authorities and your family of your location, before you head any deeper into the woods.

Check the weather for the days and nights of your trip

The weather in Southeast Asia can be unpredictable so always check the weather forecast to determine the best period to camp. Generally, Southeast Asian countries will be hot and humid for the majority of the year, but some countries are also affected by the monsoon. For example, it is hot and humid in Malaysia, but different parts of the countries will be affected by the monsoon during different months.

Understanding the area would be very helpful for this because you can know when the rainy season for that area would be. It is also important to note that some campsites may be closed during the monsoon season to avoid any accidents due to unsafe camping conditions. They may remain open if there is only a drizzle but be prepared by packing items in a waterproof bag from Superdry, adidas, or Hypergear.

Pack what you need and a few extras

Every camper knows that there is a checklist that you need to go through for when you go camping. Different campers have different checklists, but they should all include the basics like your tent, sleeping bags, clothes, and camping equipment. When it comes to camping in nature, it is best to pack eco-friendly equipment and tools like an eco-friendly water bottle, biodegradable soaps, or plastic-free eating utensils.

Always go through your list and double-check your items before you begin your camping journey. It also does not hurt to pack some extra items, for when you need a spare or someone else in the campsite needs it. Some campsites offer rental services for camping equipment and tools, but it is still best to bring your own.

Be prepared with bug sprays and insect repellents

This tip should be considered for any campsite that is out in nature, but it is especially important for campsites in Southeast Asia. That is because some certain bugs and insects that are native to Southeast Asia can carry dangerous viruses and diseases. Without proper protection, you can be subjected to diseases like malaria or other tropical diseases.

Always be prepared with bug sprays and insect repellents when you are planning on camping in any Southeast Asian region. If you are camping with your family and you have younger children, you can also get kid-friendly bug spray or repellents. For those who are worried about the negative effects of chemical insect repellents on the environment, you can try natural repellents like essential oils.

Be respectful of the wildlife and nature

Southeast Asia is home to some incredible flora and fauna, and camping may provide you with the opportunity to meet some wildlife up close. However, it is important to you remain respectful of the wildlife that you encounter, as well as the other parts of nature.

Do not attempt to touch or feed any wild animals that you may come across while camping. If you do, the animals can be at risk of catching diseases from the human touch or from consuming human food. You should also be mindful of your surroundings while you are camping so never litter and always clean up after yourself.

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